Beautifully Easy Puff Pastry for Mom

May 10th, 2013 posted by Beth Klosterboer

Beautifully Easy Puff Pastry for Mom by Beth Kloseterboer on

Mother’s Day is almost here and you are scrambling to come up with something different for breakfast in bed this year. We have just the thing! The uber talented edible crafts guru Beth Klosterboer, author of Hungry Halloween, has just the treat for you. She’ll show you how to take refrigerated puff pastry, chocolate bars and soft fun foam stamps to create these beautiful pastries perfect for Mother’s Day.

Beautifully Easy Puff Pastry for Mom by Beth Kloseterboer on

First, you will need the following ingredients (makes 3 pastries):

1 sheet Pepperidge Farm puff pastry
(boxes come with 2 sheets, either freeze the other sheet or make 6 pastries)
3 bars of chocolate (1-2 ounce size)
food coloring (the grocery store variety – primary colors and neon)
egg wash (1 egg mixed with 1 teaspoon water)

Special Equipment Needed:

foam stamps (available at craft stores – be sure to wash stamps in hot soapy water before using)
small paint brushes (use new or food only brushes)
pizza cutter or knife and a fork
non-stick aluminum foil lined baking sheet
pastry brush

Thaw puff pastry sheet according to package instructions. Un-fold thawed sheet. Use a pizza cutter or knife to cut the sheet into 6 rectangles. Squeeze small amounts of food coloring into individual bowls (or use a paper plate.) Gather your paint brushes and stamps.

Beautifully Easy Puff Pastry for Mom by Beth Kloseterboer on

Paint food coloring directly onto the raised part of the foam stamp. Try not to over saturate the stamp with the food coloring. If you do, blot it dry with a paper towel. You can use several different colors to create your designs. Once the entire stamp is painted, place it paint side down onto a cut piece of puff pastry. Very gently press the stamp into the dough.

Beautifully Easy Puff Pastry for Mom by Beth Kloseterboer on

Remove stamp and you should have a nicely printed image on your pastry. Continue to paint your stamps and press them onto the pastry, using several or just one stamp to make all three pastries. Just a note: once baked, anything that has been painted yellow will be very faint. My first butterfly, as shown above, is painted yellow with some orange spots. It looked O.K. once baked, but not good enough to take a nice photo, so I made another butterfly and painted it orange (yellow mixed with a bit of red) and added some red spots. So just be aware that all of the colors showed up beautifully except the yellow.

Beautifully Easy Puff Pastry for Mom by Beth Kloseterboer on

I would recommend that you place the three plain pieces of pastry onto a non-stick foil lined baking pan before proceeding. Place one candy bar on each of the plain pieces of pastry, leaving at least 1/4″ all around the edge of the bar. You may have to break the candy bar in order to get it to fit. I used homemade bars and had to break off 1/4th of each bar. Use a pastry brush to brush egg wash onto the exposed dough all around the candy bar. Top each with a decorated piece of pastry. Press the edges to seal. Use a fork to press the edges of the pastry together and to give each pastry a nice fluted edge.

Refrigerate the pastries for at least 30 minutes. When you put the pastries in the refrigerator, heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beautifully Easy Puff Pastry for Mom by Beth Kloseterboer on

Bake chilled pastries for 17-20 minutes, turning pan 180 degrees halfway through the baking cycle, until the pastries turn a deep golden brown. In France the pastries would be baked until dark brown, but the painted images wont be as vibrant if the pastry gets too browned. You just want to be sure the pastries are baked all the way through.

Beautifully Easy Puff Pastry for Mom by Beth Kloseterboer on

These pastries are best served warm so that you can enjoy a nicely melted chocolate center. They don’t keep well more than one day, but who could possibly keep them around any longer than that anyway?

Beth Klosterboer
Beth Klosterboer (3 Posts)

Beth Jackson Klosterboer creates sweet and savory edible crafts for special occasions and holidays and shares detailed step-by-step tutorials on her blog Hungry Happenings so you can easily replicate her projects. She is the author of Hungry Halloween, has been a chocolatier and event planner for over 25 years, and enjoys teaching cooking and candy making skills to kids and adults.

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