5 Kid Friendly Crafts for the Non-Crafty Mom

June 26th, 2013 posted by Stacey Gibbon

5 Kid Friendly Crafts for the Non-Crafty Mom - FamilyCorner.com

There are a lot of moms out there who simply don’t craft with their kids because they think they aren’t crafty themselves. I will say it over & over again: you don’t have to be crafty to craft with your child. The word crafty doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make a masterpiece or be an expert. If you have some imagination, you can make it happen. Your child won’t care what your end result looks like. All they care about is that you took the time to “craft” with them.

If you’re worried about cost, a good way to stockpile your craft supplies is to start recycling. Start looking at objects that you might have thrown away, as a canvas for a project. The Dollar Tree is also a great place to get supplies or even your local thrift shop.

I have learned that when it comes to crafting with my son, he likes the simple things. He doesn’t want it to be overly hard or have too many steps. He also doesn’t care if I buy the fancy craft supplies or if we do the most popular kid craft on Pinterest. He just enjoys being able to express himself however he wants, as well as spending quality time with me. And I enjoy it because I get to spend time with him and get my crafty itch out of the way.

Today I’m going to share 5 craft ideas that do not require you to be a Martha Stewart. All five crafts are easy and don’t need a ton of supplies. I’m sure any child would be excited to do these.

Ready to get started?

water painting

1. Water Painting– With summer knocking at our doors, this is a great outdoor summer craft. Plus the best craft supplies are free and easy.  If you have old paint brushes, random bowls in your kitchen & tap water, you are set! Just fill up your bowls with water, lay out some paint brushes & let your kids paint the sidewalk. Best part? No mess! The last time I did this with my son, he drew squiggles & I drew hearts. Then I threw in a learning lesson by drawing out shapes, letters & numbers. He thought it was best thing in the world and I loved that I had nothing to clean up.

splat butterfly

2. Splat Painting– For this craft, you need paint & construction paper. Have your child fold their paper in half. Open it back up and squirt some paint on one side. Then fold it closed again, pressing down really hard. Now open it and reveal your butterfly. Make sure to let it dry completely and add some embellishments to give it life.
clothespin painting cover

3. Clothespin Painting– A new take on paintbrushes. All you need to do is pinch some pom-poms in the clothespins and have your child dip it in paint. They can make any design they want on paper.  Once they are done, just release the pom-poms in the trash and save the clothespins for another craft.

balloon painting

4. Balloon Painting– This is also another craft that is a twist on regular painting. You use balloons as your paintbrush. Just blow up a few balloons into various sizes & tie them off. Now have your child dip them in paint, then on their paper/canvas. The balloons make a fun squishing sound when they are pressed on a surface AND they make a fun dot design.  

craft with playdough

5. Crafting With Play-dough- There are so many things to do with play-dough that I could write a whole post about it! What my son & I like to do, is craft up some “goodies.” We like to grab cookie cutters, silicon muffins cups and set up shop on the dining room table.  My son even likes to wear his chef hat while we “bake.” The nice thing about play-dough is there is no right or wrong way to use it. You can make or design whatever you please. Plus if you don’t like the store-bought stuff, you can always craft up your own. You can find a Pumpkin Play-dough Recipe on my blog.

So that sums up 5 great starter crafts. I really hope these inspired you! Stay tuned for more kid friendly craft ideas in the future.

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