Creating Family Fun Nights

September 3rd, 2013 posted by Leah Blomberg

Creating Family Fun Nights

When families are able to spend time together they are creating a special bond, providing a safe and loving environment, and create lasting memories that they will cherish for years to come. However, families these days have busy, hectic schedules that sometimes hinder spending time together. Here are a few ways families can rekindle that togetherness and create family fun nights:

Start with a family meeting

Call your family together and talk with them about having a family fun night. Start by getting out the calendar and set a date and time that is clear for everyone and then write it on the calendar. You might want to pick one day a week or once every other week. The family should agree about the date and also agree to be there!

Set a budget

You can do this during the family meeting or call another meeting later with everyone around. How much do you want to spend for this night alone? How much can you afford? It is very important to see what you can afford to do. You may have to get creative if the budget doesn’t allow for the extra expense.

Let your kids in on it to. Tell them that “this is how much we have to spend for that night and going over will interfere with other expenses.”  This will help them set expectations on what activities will cost and how much they can spend. They won’t make them worry about things that they can’t afford, but will help them focus on what they can do.

Set some rules

Yes, it is suppose to be a fun night but you want to make sure that everyone enjoys it. Let your family know that this is supposed to be fun but this is what is expected. Some rules might include:

  1. The date is set, so no one is allowed to make any plans for that day.
  2. We can’t go over budget.
  3. No whining or bickering will be tolerated.
  4. This is a family affair so everyone is will be involved.

You’re the one that knows your family and how they will act. Have enough rules and set them for your family but keep in mind that this is about having fun and being together. Once you have your rules set, and your family knows about them, stick to them.

Find something everyone will enjoy

Now that you set the date and time, find something to do that everyone can enjoy. Keep in mind, that not EVERYONE will probably enjoy it, but find some kind of activity that everyone might enjoy together. Maybe everyone can take turns choosing who gets to do what, or parents can pick a month and the children can pick the next month. It is about family, so make sure that, if your kids are old enough, they get to choose as well.

It could be something simple as pizza and movie night, Wii tournament, game night, a dance party, or just out for ice cream. Other suggestions include going bowling, skating, swimming, playing mini golf, or going on a tour of your city. Around Christmas you can make cards together and send them out, go caroling, or drink hot chocolate and go on a Christmas light tour. Find something you and your family can do together.

Keep up with the tradition

Once you’ve enjoyed one or two family nights, make it a tradition. Maybe everyone had a miserable time the first couple times, maybe it was new and felt a little uncomfortable, or maybe someone got hurt. Don’t let this discourage you or your family. Continue having a family meetings and circling dates for family fun night. At some point, everyone will have a good time. When you keep it up and set your boundaries, it will come natural and you will have a routine of setting up your family fun night. As your kids grow, you may have to tweak things up a bit, but it will be a lasting memory that everyone can cherish.

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