5 Outdoor Games You Can Make Yourself

May 22nd, 2013 posted by Desiree Allen

5 Outdoor Games You Can Make Yourself by Desiree Allen for FamilyCorner.com

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to send the kids out for some good, old-fashioned outdoor playtime! If they’re bored of “kick the can” and hopscotch, here are five outdoor games you can make yourself to keep their interest.

Boat Racing

We’ve all made the paper sailor hats for our kids, why not make the boats, too? You’ll need a paper flag (scrapbook paper works well for this), popsicle stick, tape, and plastic tray (the kind mushrooms come in).  After you pull it all together using the tape, fill the kiddie pool with water, and your kids will be ready to begin their boat race! Kids blow on their boat’s sail until their boat reaches the other side of the pool. Try other materials to make your boats such as empty juice boxes, walnuts and even ice cubes! Plenty of boat craft ideas here.

Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt? We made our own as youngsters in school or scouts and now our children can enjoy making their own treasure hunt with white paper, permanent markers, used coffee grinds in the filter, and some ribbon. No Time for Flashcards will show you how to make a treasure map. Don’t forget to hide your “treasure”! This game would be great played at a child’s birthday party where guests can search for their goodie bag prizes. Having a pirate eye patch to play is optional.

5 Outdoor Games You Can Make Yourself by Desiree Allen for FamilyCorner.com

The kids over at Lindsay & Drew used water bottles for their bowling game.

Backyard Bowling

There’ll be no gutter balls here, friend! Gather up some of your empty cereal boxes, plastic milk jugs, Coke cans–whatever is sitting in your recycle bin–and a small ball, and you’re ready to roll. Award one point for each “pin” knocked down and play as long as you want. Easy enough a toddler can play, but enjoyable for children of all ages. Don’t forget to wear funky shoes! There are several versions of bowling games here for you to try.

5 Outdoor Games You Can Make Yourself by Desiree Allen for FamilyCorner.com

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

This one is sure to take you back in time to memories of a carefree childhood. Remember running with your kite full steam ahead, the wind blowing on your face and hair, and turning your head every once and a while to see how high your kite was? Kites can be made simply with a plastic bag and string (see this video). If you’re feeling especially crafty and want to take some more time with your older child, check out Etsy’s blog for a great how-to make your own kite which calls for tissue paper, 1 3/16” dowel, masking tape or clear tape, plastic gift wrap paper, skewer, round file, pencil, craft knife, paint brush, paint, ruler, small saw, cord scissors, side cutters, and a self-healing mat.

When you’re ready to head outside, grab a sibling or friend and have a race to see who can get their kite the highest into the sky, and time how long it takes before it finally comes back to earth! Watch out for those trees and electric lines, though.

5 Outdoor Games You Can Make Yourself by Desiree Allen for FamilyCorner.com

Branch & Can Homemade Fun

Have you ever played the milk can toss at a carnival? We probably all have, at one time or another. Here’s a neat spin-off of that game: homemade fun at See Jane Blog. Jane says you’ll need aluminum cans, bark mulch or rocks, tree branches, twine and yarn, hammer, nails, and scissors. Keep index cards and washi tape nearby. Another great recycle bin save, this would be a fun game to play while you are camping with family or friends. Pass the S’mores, please!

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