Frugal Fun: 5 Ways To Save Money on a Theme Park Vacation

June 18th, 2013 posted by Jessica

Thanks to the recession we’ve all had to cut back on frivolous spending. With summer fast approaching, all of those vacations to theme parks, water parks and museums can put a bit of a strain on your wallet. These handy tips can help you save money without sacrificing the fun.

Take advantage of your memberships:

You may not know it, but several membership clubs like AAA, AARP and even Costco offer a wide variety of savings on things like travel, hotel and even the theme parks themselves. Some even allow you to swap your frequent travel miles for Disney tickets!

Buy Your Tickets Online:

If you’re vigilant, you can often find great savings online. Ordering online can save you from wasting time and energy waiting in those long lines. The theme park websites will sometimes offer random discounts and promotions for residents, or bringing in specially marked items.

More is Better:

It may seem strange to say, but investing in a multi-day or season pass can save you a bundle on admission price, food, drinks and parking. You can also find great deals on hotels when you book for multiple nights.

Be a Pack Rat:

All of the yummy treats and fried food can really add up. You can save a bundle by skipping the sodas and bringing your own snacks. The major theme parks are pretty lenient with what they’ll let you bring into the park, so don’t worry about trying to live off of granola bars all day. Pack healthy, energy packed snacks that will keep you full but won’t weigh you down. Refillable water bottles are also a great idea because you’ll definitely be working up a sweat and there are water fountains all over the park.

Research the park and navigate like a pro:

With ticket prices being so high, you definitely want to get your money’s worth. You can research the layout of the park ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about getting turned around once you get there. If you get in early enough, head straight to the back of the park. There won’t be as many people so lines will be short. As the park fills up, prioritize what rides and attractions you want to see the most, so by the hottest and busiest time of the day you’ll be ready to head back to your hotel for a nap, or just find a shady spot to rest. You’ll likely be spending the whole day in the park, so don’t burn through all of your energy too quickly or else it won’t just be the kids throwing temper tantrums.

Summer vacation doesn’t have to be stressful if you remember these simple tips. And when vacation is over there’s plenty of other frugal fun you can have with the family at home, right in your own backyard.

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