Being Involved Means You Care

February 12th, 2013 posted by Caroline Shaw

I live with a Scotch-Irishman and he is a trip! I haveoften thought tomyself “Why is it that our children are so well-behaved?” (or so I am told). My husband is emotional, as I imply with the first sentence, but he exudes love and sacrifice to our children to the nth degree. They know they are loved, but they also know that Daddy means business.

It is important for us to set standards, set goals and expectations for our teens or adolescents and then when they fall short we must hold them accountable. If we don’t, guess what? They sure won’t.

Love is in the air in February, but what is love when it comes to children and young adults? Is it letting them do whatever they want whenever they want? Of course not. Love means that we are involved enough with our children that we will take time to train & to show how it’s done. To check out their friends and make sure they are good influences. To check out their music, T.V., Internet surfing, books they read and make sure they are being influenced for good, and not otherwise.

Parenting is involvement. It is not a part time job. Yes, it can be work. It can be grueling. The rewards, though, are well worth the effort! Set the stage now, take time with your baby, your toddler, your adolescent, your teen.

Let’s begin with books. Books shape our minds. Even if you do not read now, you can surely remember when your mama or daddy read to you. The books you read to your little ones can help shape the mind of your teen. Be careful what you choose. Of course, we ought not to get paranoid here, but a little discretion goes a long way into setting the stage for the future. I was always careful about the books I chose to read to my children. Do they contain violence? Are they too scary for little ones? (I was a stickler on this one, I did not like those sleepless nightmare nights, so I nipped ’em in the bud!) Are the values I want my children to support underlined or undermined? Take a look at what your adolescent is reading. A little trickier with teens, but you can tactfully make suggestions.

Movies: what do you allow at those birthday sleepovers? Make sure that again the choice is according to the standards you wish your teen or adolescent to follow.

Are those T.V. shows age appropriate? My teenager is careful about what she watches around her younger siblings. It doesn’t take an adult to realize some programs are just not appropriate for certain age groups.

Music: Listen to the lyrics. Make sure they are not undermining your ethics. Let your children know you do not approve of certain inclusions in their literary, cinematic and musical choices. Don’t be silent on this issue. It’s best to let them know where you stand.

Consistency is important when we display love to our children. We love enough to care what goes into their bellies. Let’s make sure we are just as careful about their minds!

The Internet: I am so ready to enlist with a family ISP. I was trying to find something for my teen for a school project and stumbled onto a bad site. I typed in a movie script she was looking for and Viola’, the objectionable site appeared. Please be careful where they go on the net. You can check in your history file. Let them know you will be checking.

Love takes time. It takes commitment and dedication. It takes follow-up and a “full-time” attitude. This is not a part-time job!

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