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February 12th, 2013 posted by Family Corner Staff

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  • 3-Step Solution to Cleaning for Busy Moms – Children need picking up after soccer practice? Super Mom to the rescue! Dinner needs to get on the table? Once again, Super Mom is there! A task at work that no one else wants to tackle? You already know who will deal with it – you. With the stresses of your day-to-day life, housecleaning is likely the last thing on your mind. And yet, it’s hard to ignore, since the proof of it equals a cluttered, messy house – definitely not the happy haven you want your home to be. Here, then, is a simple 3-step solution to help finally solve the hassle of housecleaning. If you’re a ‘happy slob’ like me – just a laid back, fun natured person who’d rather be doing anything but cleaning – then it might be exactly the solution you’ve been looking for.
  • 30 Quick Cleaning Tips for a Tidier Home In the battle to maintain a tidy home, especially with children, we are always on the look out for great tips. We asked the FamilyCorner community to share with us what helps them most. Implement any or all of these ideas to make cleaning easier and more efficient!
  • A Housekeeper is Cheaper Than a Divorce – Ms. Sherman’s book, A Housekeeper is Cheaper Than a Divorce, not only provides the tools for finding and keeping a good housekeeper, but also helps us determine whether or not we need domestic help and at what level.
  • Attacking the Laundry Monster – …and living to tell about it. In many households, laundry is a chore that everyone dreads. It’s a never ending circle of drudgery, but the work can be minimized by getting into a routine that you can live with. But how do you decide what will work for you?
  • Autumn Garden Chores Autumn is the time for garden clean-up! I know it seems like a droll chore, but it really isn’t. Any work you do now, while it’s cool, will make for an enjoyable spring and summer.
  • Cheap Cleaning Supplies – Spring cleaning does not mean you have to buy bunches of new cleaning supplies to do the job. Here are some ideas for recycling things that may otherwise go to waste, while cleaning at the same time!
  • Clean Your Bathroom in 15 Minutes – I used to absolutely loath cleaning my bathrooms. It was so much work (or so I thought) that I would procrastinate until my husband would threaten to call the health department. One day, a friend of mine showed me this routine that has helped me maintain my sanity by getting this dirty job done quickly. She introduced me to the “15 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Routine” and my life has never been the same.
  • Dirty Diapers, Dirty Homes – Move over, moms. You’re not the only ones taking time off work to take care of a new baby. According to Oxygen/Markle Pulse, 70 percent of women and 63 percent of men agree that it is important for a father to take parental leave for at least two weeks following the birth of a child.
  • Eight Myths of Vacuuming – Are you an informed consumer? Consider these eight myths, and corresponding truths, about vacuuming:
  • Homemade Cleaners – If you look at the coupon sections of your Sunday paper, cleaners are big business. There are always plenty of coupons for cleaners, all claiming to miraculously clean everything.
  • Maintaining Your Summertime Bathroom – Do your bathrooms get a workout during the summer? Due to the warmer weather, families spend more time outside so showers and baths become more frequent. Most of us work up a sweat and the dirt seems to cling better to our skin.
  • Review: The Dyson Groom – I’ve been a devout Dyson owner for about 5 years and a dog owner for much, much longer. When I heard that Dyson developed a cool new tool to help groom your dog and cut down on shedding, I was all over it. First reaction after trying it out? If you have a dog, you need one of these!
  • Spring Clean Year Round: Home Cleaning and Organizing Tips Typically, heavy duty cleaning and organizing is done once a year. When spring rolls around it is nice to open the windows in your house and clean up after hibernating all winter. But why wait until spring to thoroughly clean your home?
  • Sweat Equity – Home, sweet home should be filled with peace and tranquility. But what if your home is a constant battle with your mate to help around the house? Is it making you feel angry, frustrated, or even resentful?
  • Two Dozen Uses for Baking Soda – Inexpensive, versatile, and environmentally friendly, baking soda has a myriad of uses. From reducing baby’s fever to cleaning dentures, and ridding your garden of pests, baking soda can be an easy, inexpensive solution to many of your problems.
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