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Join Our Kid's Postcard Swap Club!

You MUST have 75 posts on FamilyCorner BEFORE registering to participate in the Kid's Postcard Swap Club! If you do not have 75 posts accumulated yet, please return to the message boards and continue to post. Once you have accumulated 75 posts, please return here to complete the form.

To join the club, please fill in the form below (items in RED are required fields):

The more you tell us, the more we can pass along to your postcard pal! You can personalize this information as much as you would like. Tell us about your favorite color, whether or not you own pets, a favorite music artist... you get the idea. Use your imagination to describe yourself to us!

You MUST read the guidelines and rules of the Kid's Postcard Swap before submitting this form. Please read those by clicking here.

Once you have registered to become a postcard pal, you will be matched up with another child in your age group to swap postcards with. Your parent's username will carry a flashing flower icon to identify your family as a participant.

Child's first and last name:

Parent's FC Message Board Username:

Parent's first and last name:

Number of posts you already have on the boards (if less than 75, stop here. You are not yet eligible):

email address:

child's email address:

child's instant messenger ID:

Yahoo or AIM (AOL)?

Street address:







Favorite color:

Favorite music artist:

Favorite food:

Favorite sport:

Please list any hobbies and/or interests:

Use this area to include anything you would like your Postcard Pal to know that we did not ask you above. Please be specific!

Yes! Subscribe me to Magazine What's New No thanks, not at this time!

Are you sure you are done!? Click below if you are.

You will be redirected to our Kid's Postcard Swap Club on the FamilyCorner Message Boards after you click the button below. Magazine on Facebook

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