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I've had some readers ask how they can help support That warms my heart and really makes me feel good, thank you! This site is not a cash cow, and had the Internet economy stayed stable, instead of crashing 2 years ago, then this wouldn't even be an issue. However, I started this site with the intentions of bringing quality, FREE content to you, and will continue to do so. But the site costs money, newsletters cost money, and then of course there's the time I spend keeping the site updated and adding new features. Since you asked, there are ways that you can help!

Direct Donations
You can make a donation to help keep free, in any denomination, by clicking on the "donation" button here. Creations
By purchasing any of my hand crafted items (I create the patterns, hand paint them, and sign them) you are helping to support and at the same time, will receive a handmade item for your home! Visit Creations now!

Online Shopping is affiliated with some really great companies, including, but not limited to Amazon,, The Learning Network, Avon, MyFree, PetsMart, Spring Hill Flowers, and many others. Buying from our links yields small percentages for us also. If there is a particular merchant that you like to buy from and would like to know if we are affiliated, please ask! Below is a list of our affiliates. Buying from these links helps to support this site by way of sales commissions. When you purchase a book from Amazon or pet supplies from PetsMart, a small percentage of those sales is paid back to this website. Those funds are put back into the site in an effort to continue to bring you wonderful, fresh content and to add new features, such as chat, boards, email, etc. (A trusted household name for fabric, crafts, and home)

Making Friends (Wonderful source for kid's craft supplies!)

Amazon/Toys R Us (books, videos, music, electronics, home, DVD's, toys, more)
-- On the left side of the pages you will see three search boxes, one being Amazon. Use that to find your purchases and the sales will be credited to us!

Spring HIll Nurseries (beautiful fresh flowers for your garden, direct from the nursery, guranteed and at clearance prices!)

Grower Flowers (beautiful, fresh flowers straight from the grower) Official Gear (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and more, all with the official logo!)

My Coupons (select coupon from tons of categories)

Posters (posters from movies, children's books, Anne Geddes, favorite characters, and tons more) (fabulous cookware, cookbooks, bakeware, kitchen gadgets, more) (for all your pet supply needs!) (home office needs, software, computer supplies, etc) (the name we all know and trust for bath, body, beauty, and beyond) (who doesn't shop here??) (sample products for free!) coupons (Save money with coupons for businesses in your neighborhood)

Newsletter Ads & Affiliates
If you subscribe to any of our free newsletters, you will notice advertisements, special offers, and/or freebies. All of these offers bring in small amounts of cash that continue to help fund this website and its ezines. By following these links, buying from these merchants, and signing up for free offers and contests offered, you are helping stay free!

Special Interests
Believe it or not, when you see that little pop up box come up that says "what are your special interests?" and you sign up for those mailings, this is one of the better sources of revenue for this site. So if you have special interests or hobbies and would like to receive periodic offers relating to those interests, please sign up and take advantage of the free service!

Have a Home Business?
If you are running a home business, why not run some ads with us? We offer newsletter advertising, on site button, banner, and text ads, and we have recently added a new low cost classified section. To find out our ad rates, please send any email message to our autoresponder at [email protected]

Birth, Wedding, Birthday Announcements
A reader suggested that we sell classified ads for announcements in our newsletter. What a great idea! Announce the birth of your grandchild or your new baby, tell the world about your daughter's wedding, or wish your son a happy birthday. To top it off, our readers may send you ecards wishing you well! $5.00 is all this ad costs and will be included in our weekly "What's New" newsletter. For $10.00, you will also receive a special email address for readers to send ecards to! This keeps your private email address, just that... PRIVATE. If this interests you, please let us know!

Patronizing Our Sponsors
Because sponsors are one of the main sources of revenue for this site, we truly appreciate it when you take the time to check out what they have to offer. This goes not only for our paying advertisers, but also for those sponsors who have graciously donated prizes for this site to give away each month! Check out our classified section too, you may just find something you are looking for!

Book & Product Reviews reviews products and books in an effort to help you make informative choices on what you purchase for your family. Following the purchase links in these emails helps support this site!

I can't thank you enough for your support. I'm am continually inspired by all of you and your genorosity and understanding!

~ Amanda Formaro
President, Magazine, Inc.


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