Bathtub Safety

February 12th, 2013 posted by Donald A. Davis

by Donald A. Davis

Where does the time go? How many times have you heard this or said it yourself? When we look at our children as we celebrate another one of their birthdays, we can’t help but reflect back through the years. Do you remember giving your infant the bath in the sink? Are you now giving baths in the bathtub?

The purpose of this month’s article is to bring to light some of the everyday hazards you may encounter when giving your child a bath or taking one yourself.

Relate a safety story to one of your friends or family members and you most likely will receive a story in return. As we share our experience we learn from others. Let’s learn from each other so that our children don’t become the story with the unhappy ending.

SLEEPING IN THE BATHTUB: One night I was giving my five year old daughter a bath. She was at the age where she could wash herself but needed help with washing her hair. She wasn’t old enough to be left alone. I usually sat in the bathroom reading while she played with her toys and then washed up. After reading for a while, I looked up and she was just relaxing in the warm water with her head back. I turned my eyes back to my book and continued reading. A couple minutes later, I looked up again. This time I noticed my daughter had fallen asleep. I reached over and grabbed her. I was very lucky because the water wasn’t that deep. What a scare this was. Safety tips:

1. Stay with your child at all times.

2. Fill the bath with just enough water to bathe your child.

3. Bring your phone in the bathroom with you to help prevent being distracted by leaving the room to get the phone if it rings.

4. If you do occupy your time while your child is in the bathtub, make sure you check on your child often. Don’t assume your child will call out for help or that you will hear them.

5. Put all sharp objects such as razors out of the reach. Check the bathtub for sharp objects or mouth size objects before you put your child in.

6. Don’t leave the bathroom to get the phone or door. It might be an honest attempt to just let the person know you will get back to them or let them in. However, there will always be the possibility of getting distracted and leaving your child long enough for a serious injury to occur or death.

TAKING A SHOWER OR BATH WHILE WATCHING YOUR CHILD: One work at home parent related her story to me. She was preparing to take a shower. She brought her infant in the bathroom with her. The infant was in an infant seat. She placed her child on the sink and climbed into the shower. Moments later she heard a loud bang. She quickly opened the curtains and saw her child faced down in the toilet. Her child lived and had no serious injuries. Many things went through her head after that incident. As a parent, I can honestly see how easy something like this could easily happen. Here are somethings to consider when you want to bathe or shower and feel a need to have your child in close proximity:

1. Keep your child strapped in and on the floor. A roaming child in the bathroom can be an invitation to experience everything within reach.

2. Keep your child away from the shower just incase you forget that your child is there when you step out.

3. Make sure your hands are dry and empty when you pick up your child.

A little prevention goes a long way.

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