Holiday Season Safety

February 12th, 2013 posted by Donald A. Davis

by Donald A. Davis

The holiday season seems to be the time of year where a child sees more unfamiliar things than any other time.

What do most children do when they see things for the first time? Children are curious by nature. You can expect that they will explore these new things. We can take some action to help your child’s holiday season be a safe one. Here are some things to consider.

1. Lights and Cords: Try to hide the electrical cords. Children like to pull on these. If you must have them running from one side of the room to the other, try to place them behind furniture or under a rug. Tape the cords the surface. Make sure none of your cords or lights have exposed wires. Place your last row of lights high enough to where your infant can’t reach them and wont try. The lights are very attractive to a child’s eye.

2. Ornaments: Keep the fragile ornaments and those with sharp edges up higher on your tree. This is more of a concern with the children under three.

3. Nativity Displays and Collectibles: You should avoid putting these things on top of holiday table coverings or at least tape up the all the edges that hang down. A child can pull on the corner and bring everything down with a crash. Only to then turn around and dash.

4. Presents:

Manufacturers have made it easy for us to determine what toys are age appropriate. However, for those with more than one child there is another thing to consider. You have to make sure that the toys bought for older siblings are not left around where an infant can play with them. If you have a child just learning to walk, pay closer attention to older toys that have hard and pointed edges. Your child doesn’t plan where they are going to fall. It’s much safer if the toys left around are smooth like a ball.

5. Stairs: There is no better place to launch new toys than a good set of stairs. If you don’t have a safety gate and you have a child that should not go down the stairs by themselves, now it the time to get one. As a child finds the many different ways the toys are not supposed to be used, they also find some of the danger. Be aware of this and become your own Safety Toy Ranger.

6. Matches and Lighters: Parents still unconsciously leave matches around where children can get to them. If you light candles, please make sure you put the lighting device in a safe place away from children. “One” careless match can cause quite the scare. Make sure they are put away to show your children you care.

7. Wrapping Paper and Plastic Bags: These items are not toys. An infant might not see it that way. Some of these are very appealing to the eye. They might try to eat these things. They can get stuck in a child’s throat. As soon as you are done unwrapping gifts, throw the wrappings away. If you plan on reusing them, put them in a safe place for another day.

8. Candy: There will be no shortage of colorful holiday candy this season. These small items can easily be dropped on the floor and forgotten. These can be very dangerous to small children. Check your floors a couple times each day. Keep the candy up high. If you have older siblings, ask them to help you ensure nothing is left on the floor. Pick up dropped candy or sweep it out the door.

9. Shopping: Make sure you plan for your shopping trip. If you take your child with you, don’t assume someone else in the group is watching him or her. There is not doubt that more people will be in the shopping malls and stores over this holiday season. There is a need to ensure your child knows both your name and theirs. There is a reason.

10. Stoves and Ovens: Most of us do some type of cooking over the holiday season. It’s not uncommon to be cooking and have the phone ring, someone ring the door bell, and the children calling our names. Which one do you respond to first? It’s during events like these that we may forget to turn off the stove or oven.

Fire safety is very important all year round. There seems to be more risks during the holidays with the many distractions. Be aware of this and take appropriate action.


Twas the days of holiday spirit and joy throughout the house. Twas time to ensure safety even while trying to catch that tiny little mouse.

Don’t leave the matches out for the children will dare. Don’t leave out the tools used to hang up the lights and trees. Show the children you care.

Children have wondering eyes and mischief behaviors, I fear. If you have stairs, ensure a safety gate is placed there.

As little as they may be, they are fast and quick. We must ensure their safety and avoid a hospital trip.

If you take your little one shopping, play a little game. Give them some scenarios as if they got lost to find out if they remember their address, phone number and name.

Calling out mommy or daddy can help if they are lost but that is nothing new. They should know your first name and that of someone else you brought with you.

Toys are all over and plenty abound. You should buy age appropriate ones but don’t leave mixed age toys lying around.

If you are an early riser and there is snow or ice before work, Lay down some salt or shovel clear so that no one gets hurt.

Bundle the children up from their heads to their toes. If you don’t, there is a chance of frostbite and a red shinny nose.

Think of holiday safety and keep your children in your sight. I wish you all a Safe Holiday Season and a Very Peaceful Night.

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