Halloween Safety

February 12th, 2013 posted by Donald A. Davis

by Donald A. Davis

It’s that time again when children enjoy dressing up and roaming the neighborhoods in search of some of their favorite candy. Here are some things we can do to help make this Halloween safer for everyone:

1. LIGHTING: a. Make sure the pathway to your home is well lit. If you are using candles to light the way, make sure they are a safe distance from the sidewalk or driveway. Some children wear items made of paper or carry paper bags.

b. If you are going to use the “dark” affect, make sure there are no tripping hazards in the way.

2. CLOTHING: a. Use clothing or a costume that allows others to see your child from a safe distance. It’s not uncommon for some children to ride their bikes, roller blades, or skateboards from house to house. Some children can travel at high speeds on these things and before you know it, they can be right on top of you.

b. Avoid using paper costumes. More and more people are lighting their pathways with small candles. These often invite a curious child in for a closer look. 3. CANDY: a. Talk with your children about eating candy before they get home. You should inspect the candy before they eat it. If you are not going out trick or treating with your child, buy them some of their favorite candy to eat along the way.

b. Make sure you inspect “all” the candy. Anything that looks like it was tampered with should be thrown out. It’s best to error on the safe side.

4. GROUPS: a. Make sure your child walks or rides around with other children and “never” alone.

b. Children should be told under no circumstance are they to go up to any “vehicle” or stranger during the evening. I use the word vehicle because some children will think its o.k. to go up to a van or bus if you tell them to stay away from all “cars”. There are many ways you can provide a night of great entertainment without going out. Here is just one idea:

1. HALLOWEEN PARTY: a. Coordinated a neighborhood custom party. Have each parent bring a bag of candy and a small snack such as cookies or brownies. You can set up various games such as:

1. Guess the number of jellybeans in the jar.

2. Guess who is under the custume.

3. Candy toss. Put a box on the floor. Give each child 5 pieces of candy to throw in the box.

4. Have a ghost story telling sessions with the lights down low and music. Of course the storyteller should be wearing a sheet!

5. Play “Guess the Monster”. Someone describes a monster and the children have to guess who it is.

6. Set up a craft table or two and have the children draw and color things associated with Halloween.

Hope you have a wonderful Hallow’sEve!

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