Rice Krispies Treat Birthday Balloons

February 12th, 2013 posted by Beth Klosterboer

The beauty of this recipe is it’s not really a recipe at all, but rather a way to make edible decorations for those who don’t have a lot of time to spare. Let’s face it. Getting ready for a birthday party can be very hectic. Spending hours upon hours in the kitchen preparing treats for little mouths that will just gobble them up and not truly appreciate the time you put in seems fruitless. Instead, take advantage of a few convenience items and you’ll be on your way to the “coolest mom on the block”.

Rice Krispies Treat Birthday Balloons

You will need: Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats Fruit Roll-Ups Twizzlers Pull & Peel 2 1/4″ round cookie cutter, optional Unwrap Rice Krispies Treats. Smash all four edges of the treat so that you have curved edges. If you want a perfectly round balloon, press the treat into a 2 1/4″ round cookie cutter. Otherwise just smash and shape the treat into a round or oval shape. Unwrap a Fruit Roll-Up and lay one on top of a round treat with a corner pointing upwards. Turn this treat over, so that the Fruit Roll-Up is on the work surface and the treat is facing up. Fold over the top point of the fruit roll then begin folding in the fruit roll all around the treat, leaving the bottom open. Turn the treat face up and pinch the bottom part of the fruit roll gently in the center. Peel the Twizzlers Pull & Peels apart into individual strings. Tie a Pull & Peel string onto each of the Rice Krispie Treat Birthday Balloons. There are many ways to serve your Rice Krispies Treat Birthday Balloons. You can simply place them on a serving platter. Or you can cover a large cutting board or piece of cardboard with fun paper. I used a roll of fadeless bulletin board paper with a blue sky and clouds. I purchased it at Office Depot for around $8 and have used it to serve several of my themed recipes, but if you don’t want an entire roll of paper, just use scrapbook paper or blue poster board. Whatever paper you choose, be sure to cover it with a layer of plastic wrap or cellophane so your treats won’t stick. If you want to give these out as individual treats, just wrap the balloons in cellophane bags. You can even insert a lollipop stick into each balloon before wrapping them. I guarantee that it took you more time to read this tutorial than it will take you to make these fun little treats. Enjoy!

Beth Klosterboer
Beth Klosterboer (3 Posts)

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