Little Food

February 12th, 2013 posted by Susie Tilton

I vowed to never “short order cook” for my kids. They ate what I cooked for the whole family. Of course I did try to please everyone, although looking back, it was my favorite foods we never had. Admittedly, I am the only brussel sprout, stuffed cabbage, chicken liver, anchovy lover in the family. No one missed those foods but me. But sometimes I loved short order cooking, making a meal just for kids can really be fun. It led me on a journey of “little food.” “Little food” was a great concept when Dad was traveling, because it would take a lot of these little portions to fill up a grown man! Of course a little girl would love the opportunity to eat a real meal off her china set, but if you think for a minute it is too girly for a little boy, small appetizer plates work well too. Everyone loves “little food”! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these can be made ahead. Start with a package of crescent rolls and unroll the package to one large rectangle (they make it seamless just for this!). Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and using a pizza cutter, cut the dough lengthwise into 2. Roll up each log tight. Slice with a pizza cutter into mini cinnamon rolls and bake at 375 F for 7-9 minutes. Each roll makes about 27, and you can cut one roll and freeze the other. A little powdered sugar and milk makes a nice sweet glaze for the rolls. Serve with fruit stars. Slice an apple or melon in thin slices and use an itty bitty star cookie cutter to cut out the shapes. Of course toothpicks are the perfect utensil unless you can find tiny plastic appetizer forks. Lunch is the perfect time for little tacos/tostadas or mini pizzas. Using regular flour tortillas or a flat bread, you can use cookie cutters to cut out shapes or small circles, even kitchen scissors can do this. Whether you go for a classic taco with a teaspoon of meat and a little finely shredded cheese or a heart shaped pizza with star shaped pepperoni! You can use your imagination here, and even let your kids build their own. Or make a quesadilla, a mini grilled cheese, who wouldn’t like that? If you use cheddar cheese slices for the taco, you can cut those the same shape as the tortilla! How about hot dogs? Everyone loves the little cocktail hot dogs that pop up on buffets during the holidays. Use them like a hot dog in a mini pita pocket. A little ketchup and mustard and lunch is served. And if mac and cheese is a staple in your house, look for little pasta shapes. I’ve seen stars, shells and alphabets. And for dinner, meatloaf cupcakes! Take your favorite meatloaf mixture, and roll it into little balls and bake them in greased mini muffin pans. Don’t forget to glaze the top of them with a little ketchup or chili sauce. When you are ready to serve them, “frost” them with a little mashed potato! Food should be delicious but can also be fun!

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