So You Want To Be A Stay-at-home Mom

February 12th, 2013 posted by Kylie Ardill

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So You Want to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom

It’s not often I review a parenting book, I get so many on my desk each day that it takes a great one to surprise me or deem it worthy of review. I picked up Cheryl Gochnauer’s “So You Want To Be A Stay-at-home Mom” one rainy Saturday afternoon hoping for some inspiration to get me through another weekend of my husband working while I tried to think of ways to entertain our toddler on a dreary day. I got all that and more. Cheryl’s gentle humor and deep understanding of what being a stay at home mom is all about lifted my spirits and gave me a solid foundation to continue the day. In the three hours that my son was napping I made my way through a good quarter of this wonderful book. If you’re a working mom and want to stay at home this book will not only inspire you but also offer solid advice and tips on planning your finances and budgeting one one income and you may even be surprised after reading Cheryl’s chapter on family finances that you can leave your job far sooner than you had anticipated. And for the mom who is already at home and loving it “So You Want To Be A Stay-at-home mom” will give you many ideas on raising your children and your role in the home that you perhaps had not thought of. But there is one use for this book that perhaps the author hasn’t thought of, and it’s an important one — “So You Want To Be A Stay-at-home Mom” is an inspiration for the disgruntled stay-at-home mother who isn’t sure that she wants to be there anymore. Being one such mother myself of late, reading this book has changed my perspective on my role in the home with my son and the amount of overtime that my husband puts in. Cheryl’s book has give me a fresh perspective on the important work that I do here each day in raising our son and though it sounds like a cliché, has truly changed the way I parent and view myself. If you’re a working mom who wants to make the move home, a stay-at-home mom looking for fresh inspiration or a disgruntled stay at home mom who isn’t sure of her place in the world anymore this books gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me! Well worth the reading time, I keep it on my night stand for the days when I need to be reminded of how important my being at home is to my son’s life.

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Give Children an Allowance to Teach Financial Skills

A weekly allowance is a great way to teach your child the basics of spending and saving. Start by giving out an allowance when your child is about 6-years-old. It should be about $1 a week. Increase the allowance by $1 with each passing year. Choose one day of the week to pay out the allowance. Don’t give advances, as this could teach your child to live on credit. See if you can encourage your child to save enough for a special toy or video game. Such an accomplishment can translate into a nifty lesson in saving. If your child blows all the money each week, try not to get too upset. Explain how money can grow. You could even keep a log to demonstrate how much can be saved in one month.

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