Snow Sculpture Party for Kids

February 12th, 2013 posted by FeatureSource

Children have no self-taught boundaries on playtime. A little thing like cold weather will not dissuade them. So don’t panic if they clamor for playing with their friends even though splashing in the pool is months away.

“Create your own show in the snow,” says Penny Warner, author of “The Kids’ Pick-A-Party Book: 50 Fun Themes for Happy Birthdays and Other Parties” (Meadowbrook Press).

“Instead of waiting for milder temperatures, go ahead and plan that kids’ party today,” Warner says. “You’ll find that snow has the strange power to make children giddy.”

To get the children excited about the party, make the theme prominent from the start. Use paper doilies for invitations. Cut the doilies into individualized snowflake shapes. Write the party information on the “snowflakes” and mail them out.

When the guests arrive, organize a sled race down a safe hill. Or judge a snow-sculpting contest. In either case, keep it from getting overly competitive.

Make sure that the children don’t get too chilled in the cold. Keep them well plied with hot cocoa. As long as they are comfortable, the children will love playing in the snow.

If it gets too frigid, head inside. But that doesn’t mean you have to end the party.

Continue the sculpture contest in your house. The children can make snow creatures and scenes by carving up Styrofoam. Or they can make sculptures out of ice cream. In this case, they have the bonus of being able to eat their creations.

Another idea is to have the children make snowstorms in a jar. They can do this by filling baby-food jars with ivory snowflakes and water. Then they glue a winter scene on the inside of the lid. When the glue is dry, they twist it back on, shake the jar and watch the snow fall.

If supervising a real snowball fight fills you with dread, have the kids duke it out indoors. They can make snowballs out of waded paper, cotton balls or white socks. After removing your breakables, let the kids indulge in their mock battle.

For food, you can serve “penguins.” Cut open dates and fill them with cream cheese to form the penguins’ stomachs. Then add tiny cheese triangles for beaks and feet. To continue the snowball motif, you can serve balls of vanilla ice cream rolled in flaky coconut.

When the kids have had enough snow fun for one day, give them funny mittens to wear home. Then make sure that they are dressed properly for the trip back.

Your kids will thank you for hosting a greatly appreciated winter break. And they will have temporary souvenirs in the form of their backyard sculptures or Styrofoam creations, providing warm memories until the weather can catch up.

For more great party ideas for children, pick up a copy of Warner’s “The Kids’ Pick-A-Party Book: 50 Fun Themes for Happy Birthdays and Other Parties .”

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