Princess Birthday Party on a Budget

February 12th, 2013 posted by Cyndi Roberts

With a little planning, you can throw a great party in your own home, for a lot less money than going to McDonald’s or Chuckee Cheese. A princess theme might be just the thing for your daughter. After all what little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess?

Here are some ideas to help you plan a princess party on a budget:

More is not always merrier when it comes to children. A good rule of thumb is to invite 4 friends to a 4 year old’s party, 5 to a 5 year old’s party, and so on. // Start watching for invitations ahead of time at the Dollar Store, garage sales, discount centers. If you don’t find a bargain, think about letting the birthday girl help make some. Fold half a sheet of typing paper in half, write the pertinent info inside and the guest’s name on the outside. Decorate with glitter, stickers, etc. Staple closed and hand deliver or slip into an envelope and mail. Girls love to make “treasure boxes”. Cover a box (shoe boxes work fine) with tissue paper or spray paint gold ahead of time, or try making our Treasure Boxes . Have the girls decorate their own box with stickers, glitter, buttons, silk flowers, beads, markers, crayons or anything else you have on hand. Any prizes from games (such as a piñata or grab bag) or favors can go in their boxes for taking home. Necklaces are fun and easy to make. Use colored twine or narrow ribbon (whatever you have on hand) and let the guests string with Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Lifesavers, uncooked pasta or colorful pony beads if you have them. A fun game to play is beanbag toss. Make beanbags out of clean old socks. Find a large box and cut holes in the shape of crowns. Let the girls take turns tossing the beanbags into the holes. Younger children will enjoy this grab bag game. Wrap little toys (things you have gotten on sale or at the dollar store, of course) and put them in a box. Hold the box up high and let the girls grab, using tongs. This is also fun because they get to open little gifts, just like the birthday girl. For girls a little older who love to play dress up, take an old sheet and cut out an “apron” shape, one that fits over the head. Use pinking shears for a decorative edge, no need to hem. The girls can decorate these “dresses” with glitter pens, markers, buttons, etc. Slip them over their heads and tie a ribbon around the waist. Instead of baking a big birthday cake, you might want to consider making cupcakes instead. Just frost and decorate with candies, then put a candle in the top of each cupcake. Each child gets to blow one out! The day before the party, dip ice cream into paper-lined muffin tins and keep in the freezer till time to serve. You’ll have much less hassle at refreshment time! Of course, these ideas can be modified to fit any theme, for boys or girls. Just use your imagination and have fun!

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