Making The Transition From Working Outside To Inside The Home

February 12th, 2013 posted by LaDonna D. Vick

I finally got the opportunity last year to resign from the nine-to-five and become a work-at-home-mom(WAHM). I was so happy about the possibilities that lay ahead of me. To stay home with my two daughters, who are ages 7 and 4. No longer dreading each mornings’ rush out the door. Sometimes with a Pop-Tart in hand and a juice box, just so we could all be on-time for school day-care, and work. I finally would have the chance to pursue my home business venture, get all of my housework done, play with the kids, have dinner ready at 5:00 and we would just be one happy family. I was ready for this great adventure called the WAHM or so I thought. What I didn’t prepare for is how organized you must be in order to get anything done.

When I worked outside the home, I prided myself on getting things done.

I didn’t have much time with my family but I kept things pretty much in order. I just knew with this opportunity to stay home and work, I would have no problem. I soon figured out this precious thing called “time”, kept creeping up on me and before I knew it, I was way behind on everything. I had to organize my day; better yet my week. I thought I would have all this time dedicated to all the activities I wasn’t able to do when I was working nine-to-five. Little did I know, because you are working at home doesn’t mean everything gets done. Especially if you haven’t planned it. Before, I resigned from my job I was able to take a class that focused on using a planner. I didn’t know how much I would be using this new found knowledge in my new position. If you’re not familiar with a planner class and you work at home. I would strongly suggest looking into taking a similar class. Planners are a great tool and if you use them wisely it will give you unmatched credibility amongst your peers and customers.

I chose a planner that is included in my purse which makes it very convenient to schedule life’s events. In the course, it was suggested you write every thing down. Times clients call, their name, and something about the conversation you had. Checking all the events that happened in the day and placing any “to do” things on the next days list. Each item on your list is given a priority category. This way if you don’t get everything done, you at least get those things done that you considered priority items on your list.

Think about this. Client “A” calls and you set up an appointment with them. On your planner for that days event, you write: “Client “A” called at 11:00 AM on May 1, wants to meet at 2:00PM on May 5 at the usual place and discuss plans etc”. You place the appointment on May 5 and reference back to the event page on May 1. That way if Client “A” calls back, you have referenced the excerpts of the conversation and the day (s)he called and all you have to do is look at the appointment day which tells you what day and time Client “A” actually called and what you discussed. Only a few minutes of your time can make a big difference in your credibility with your client. My planner has been a reference guide for my scheduled events since I’ve been working at home. Here is a typical week for this Work-At-Home-Mom. Each Sunday I schedule for the week. First, I place everything that is a “fixed” event on each day in the planner. These include drop-off and pick-up times for my daughters to and from school; their gymnastics and tennis lessons; my scheduled meetings and chat host times; “playtime” with my youngest daughter, bible study and exercise time for me. Then I add my work schedule which is when I market my website, check and answer emails, Internet “surfing” time, checking out my competition time, writing articles for various magazines and websites and any phone calls I need to return or make.

Next, I schedule any errands and house cleaning in between all these other events like checking my business mail box, banking, and any off-line promoting of my home business. Whew! If you’re not organized, believe me none of this would get done. A planner can help your home business and family life run smoothly. Your family and business will profit from you keeping things in order. Of course, each day there is an unexpected event that arises and you should allot time for them too. Overall, my decision to use a planner to organize my day, was one of the best I’ve made. Being a WAHM was tougher than I thought, but using my planner has made the transition from working outside the home to inside much easier.

about the author LaDonna D. Vick , WAHM to Tiana age 7 and Zaria age 4. Founder & Creator of Mommy’[email protected], “Your Home Business Resource Place” , a mail order company specializing in home business resources. Her articles have been published in some of the major E-zines, sites, and publications on the Internet like DEMCs E-Mag, Touch Down To Success (Email Book), [email protected],, Mail Order Messenger,,, and She was selected as one of the “Best Writers” at She also produces a FREE monthly newsletter. To subscribe send an email to [email protected]

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