The Detectable Signs of Cyber Bullying

May 23rd, 2013 posted by Jessica Salt

The Detectable Signs of Cyber Bullying by Jessica Salt for

Unfortunately, bullying is commonplace at schools, especially in junior high and high school. However, cyber bullying is even more troubling because it is harder to monitor. Both situations contribute to higher suicide rates among teens. Take a look at the following four warning signs of cyber bullying and what you can do to support your teen in these situations.

Showing Signs of Depression

Depression among teens is common. According to Mental Health America, it affects as many as one in five teens. They say, “It’s not unusual for young people to experience ‘the blues’ or feel ‘down in the dumps’ occasionally.” If your teen is showing signs of depression, it may be an indication that he or she is being bullied or cyberbullied. You should encourage your teen to talk about what is bothering him or her.

Here are some of the warning signs of depression:

  • Being stressed out

  • Having trouble eating or sleeping

  • Suddenly losing interest in favorite activities

  • Withdrawing from others and spending a lot of time alone

  • Having mood swings

Talking About Death or Showing an Interest in Dying

Depression is hard to deal with and it can lead to suicidal thoughts. If you notice your teen making comments like, “I can’t handle things anymore,” and “Things would be better without me,” you should get your teen professional help to talk through the problems and situations that are causing these thoughts. Be particularly vigilant in getting you teen help if comments escalate to things like, “I wish I were dead,” or “I’m going to kill myself.” The Mayo Clinic says all threats of suicide should be taken seriously. Also, don’t keep weapons or medications anywhere your teen has access to them.

Being Reckless or Getting Involved in Dangerous Activities

Sometimes teens don’t actively try to commit suicide, but they engage in reckless behavior because they are upset about something. They may try drugs and get involved in other harmful activities. One reason for this is bullying. Reckless behavior can lead to suicide later and should be addressed. If you notice behavioral changes in your teen, talk to him or her and get help before suicide becomes an option. Also, monitor your teen’s activity on social networks and all other online behavior. There are options that make it easy on

Giving Away Possessions and Saying Goodbye to People

When people are serious about committing suicide, they often give away their possessions. They think they won’t need them anymore and they want to choose where the possessions end up. Suicidal people also say their goodbyes to friends and loved ones. If you notice this behavior in your teen, you need to get him or her professional help immediately because suicide may be close. It is one of the most important warning signs to watch out for. Suicide Awareness Voices of Education says suicide is preventable if you’re watching for the behavior.

Not all cyber bullying leads to suicidal thoughts, but it can contribute. However, this doesn’t mean you should get rid of the Internet in your home — you should talk to your teen about handling bullying. There are signs when your teen is being bullied, so pay attention so you can get him or her help.

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