The Hurried Woman Syndrome

February 12th, 2013 posted by Kelly Huckaby

By Kelly Huckaby

You’re too tired to exercise, which causes you to feel unattractive, which causes you to neglect your good eating habits, which makes you feel rundown and tired, which causes you to feel unattractive … Do you see a pattern like this forming in your life? If so, you probably suffer from Hurried Woman Syndrome according to Dr. Brent Bost. Reading this book is like chatting with him over coffee – it’s full of humor and common sense. I’m trying to convince my husband to move to Texas so that I can have Dr. Bost as my gynecologist!

During his years of practice, Dr. Bost has become very in-tune with women. He’s found that the three most common complaints are not pregnancy, bleeding and pain, as taught in medical school, but fatigue, weight gain and low sex drive. With that in mind, Dr. Bost has written this book, focusing on those three common complaints.


The first section of the book deals with “hurry,” or stress, and how it causes fatigue. Dr. Bost doesn’t brush over fatigue as being “all in your head” or only because you’re “out of shape.” He lists various medical tests that women should have done (to rule out physical factors of fatigue) and explains them in simple, easy to understand language.

Weight Gain

Dr. Bost offers an easy to understand method for weight loss and control. He stresses the fact that not everyone is the same, and that no one stays the same over time. What works for one woman doesn’t work for another, and it may not work for the first woman after a few years either.

Low Sex Drive

There’s not much to be said for this section, other than

read it

! You should have your husband read chapter 18, too. Each section of this book ends with frequently asked questions. Chances are good that you’ll find a question you’ve been thinking of asking your own doctor in this one.

Tying it All Together

This last section of the book shows how the other sections affect each other. Dr. Bost emphasizes the importance of having the right attitude and mindset. We should be in control of all areas of our lives, and not let life control us. If you need help around the house, Dr. Bost urges you to speak up. Your family members are not mind readers.

This book will give you plenty of ideas for de-stressing your life, controlling your weight, and improving your sex life. Stop by the Hurried to take a short quiz (it’s also in the book) to see if you’re suffering from Hurried Woman Syndrome. Order the book for yourself , and then share it with a friend!

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