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Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers:
These nursing covers were designed so that mothers can comfortably and confidently breastfeed their babies in any setting or situation. With 11 stylish colors and fabrics to choose from, Mom still looks trendy while feeding baby, enabling her to purchase only one nursing cover, rather than several expensive (and often unattractive) nursing tops. The lightweight fabric keeps baby from overheating while nursing, unlike heavy blankets or towels.

Drop Stop:
Babies just love to throw things off of highchairs, strollers, etc. Drop Stop prevents sippy cups, bottles, snack-cups and toys from falling to the ground. Its unique design utilizes a lockable, highly adjustable, elastic loop that tightly secures these items to the seatbelts of strollers, highchairs, shopping carts, airplane seats, etc. Drop Stop also has a Velcro fold to hold anything with a solid handle.

Aqua Jogger Jr.:
The AquaJogger Junior is a fantastic in-water device that allows kids to learn to swim, play water games and have fitness fun. The Aquajogger Junior is worn like a belt and comfortably suspends the child wearing it at shoulder level in deep water allowing her/him to breathe normally and move freely while performing a wide variety of water activities. Contoured to fit a child's body, and both fully adjustible and secure, the Aquajogger Junior is easy to use and comfortable.

Take Out Time Out Mat:
Parenting experts strongly stress the importance of using a consistent time out location. Since the modern day parent is always on the go (ex. grocery store, playground, restaurant, pool, vacation, etc.), it is nearly impossible to be consistent. Non-consistent or improper use of the method is very common and can lead to great frustration for both the parent and child. With TOTO, parents can be consistent and the success will be apparent.

Who's Shoes ID Kit:
Law enforcement, children's advocacy groups, and missing child organizations have all advocated that children carry some kind of identification and contact info for their parents so that they can get help easily if they become lost or injured. The Who's Shoes ID easily and discreetly attaches to all types of shoes, sandals, belts, swimsuits, etc., and contains emergency information to quickly reunite a lost or injured child with a caregiver. Excellent for vacations or even daily outings. Kit includes two ID bands, photo ID card for parents to carry, DNA collection instructions and travel safety tips.

Rampage: Total Destruction:
We'll be introducing you to all 30 of the collectible creatures featured in the E10+ title. This third batch includes five new exciting monsters: Kyle the Cyclops, Rojo the Bull, Icky the Echidna, Venus the Plant and Wally the Warthog. Rampage: Total Destruction is slated to ship on both the Sony PlayStation® 2 and the Nintendo GameCube.

Child of Mine, Know This:
Rebecca Whitecotton has created a whole new concept in children's books with an inspirational message that a parent can deliver in a uniquely personalized way with pictures of their own child and family. The inspirational message is stunningly illustrated with exquisite photographs that can stand alone or be easily replaced with your own photographs. The esteem-building power of this concept is immense when a child recognizes his or her own face in a book filled with love and blessings.

Nanny-Notes: Babysitter's Instructions:
With big problems and little time... will the sitter panic? Will she remember about bedtimes, food allergies, etc. Here's the first CD Rom of its kind, designed to simply track all critical child care information such as emergency contacts, doctor's names and instructions for meals, bedtimes, etc. Upon leaving, just update your family information, print it out and you'll be handing your sitter a concise, organized sheet!

Martha's Spring Garden:
This new DVD will help viewers cultivate the skills they need to grow gardens of all styles and sizes. From planting lilies and harvesting asparagus, to selecting essential gardening tools, this DVD offers a wealth of helpful advice from Martha Stewart, the leading authority on "how-to" lifestyle information.

Elephants on the Wall Murals:
These adorable murals feature simple, paint-by-number wall art. These wonderful, do-it-yourself wall murals are the perfect afternoon or weekend project. Fun, adorable and whimsical, the images are easy to apply - just TAPE, TRACE & PAINT. Perfect for decorating any room! Prices range from $19.95 to $84.95. Custom orders available.

Refillable Glue Roller:
UHU Glue Rollers come in both disposable and refillable versions and feature both permanent and non-permanent glue. All models have a small dispenser at the front of the enclosed, handheld unit. The roller uses the 'Micro-Dot' system, which delivers tiny dots of glue for smooth, even application.

Epson StoryTeller Photo Book Creator:
You get a durable, pre-bound book in one of 3 popular sizes, along with glossy photo pages, a glossy book cover, plus easy-to-use software that lets you select, enhance and place up to 400 photos. Professionally-designed templates let you lay out pages on your computer. Choose from 6 different book styles, each with 10 page layouts for a total of 60 unique page layouts, plus 18 cover selections. Add your own captions and titles to tell the story behind your pictures.

The Car Travel Kit:
The Car Travel Kit comes equipped with the Snack Trap and the Sprout Spout for cleaner car rides with kids. The Snack Trap is a colorful tip-resistant cup that keeps snacks within reach. No more spills when the cup is knocked, dropped, or thrown! With soft slits in the lid, kids can see and retrieve food with ease- the lid automatically closes after the child removes their hand.

Piggy Platter Placemat:
It's Miss Manners and Mr. Clean all rolled into a child's placemat! The Piggy Platter means less mess, quick clean-up and a manners-minded education. It's clear, so items of interest can be placed underneath to educate and keep a child's attention at the table. The Piggy Platter's unique design also protects the table and fits with any decor.

All Dogs Go to Heaven Double Pack:
When a casino owning dog named Charlie is murdered by his rival Carface, he finds himself in Heaven basically by default since all dogs to heaven. However, since he wants to get back at his killer, he cons his way back to the living with the warning that doing that damns him to Hell. Once back, he teams with his old partner, Itchy to prep his retaliation. He also stumbles on to an orphan girl who can talk to the animals, thus allowing him to get the inside info on the races to ensure his wins to finance his plans.

Mustard Pancakes-See How The Garden Grows:
Currently a highly rated preschool series, is airing on over 200 public television stations in 81% of the U.S. Aimed at children ages 3-6, Mustard Pancakes celebrates the joys of childhood through the power of music, storytelling and an appealing cast of characters. Hosted by popular children's singer-performer Courtney Campbell, Mustard Pancakes offers children nurturing and fun entertainment.

Who said sharks are brave? Not all of them are. Just ask Shelby, a lemon shark who's deathly afraid to make friends in the ocean. Overcoming her shyness and fear of the other fish in her mangrove swamp, Shelby ends up saving them from a fisher's net by cutting through it with her sharp teeth. In finding her courage, Shelby finds an entire ocean of friends. "Shelby" sends an important message for children facing difficult situations, such as moving to a new school or making new friends.

The Secret World of Benjamin Bear:
The series takes children into the teddy bears' secret world where they lead lives full of amazing adventure. Benjamin Bear guides Howie, an irrepressible rookie teddy bear, through magnificent escapades in their quest to bring happiness and comfort to kids. The teddy friends will do just about anything to ensure the happiness of the kids they love, but more often than once, this teddy-twosome comes dangerously close to breaking several of the "Teddy Bear Rules," the most important being: a teddy bear can never let people see it move!

Marine Joe Enders (Cage) is assigned to protect the Marines' new secret weapon - Navajo code talker Ben Yahzee (Beach). The only code never broken by the Japanese, the Navajo Code is considered key in winning the war. Enders' orders are to protect his code talker and should Yahzee fall into enemy hands, he's to "protect the code at all costs." Against the backdrop of the Battle of Saipan, when capture is imminent, Enders is forced to make a decision - protect his fellow Marine or kill him to protect the code.

Casualties of War:
While serving his first tour of duty in the jungles of Vietnam, Private Eriksson (Fox) witnesses the brutal gang rape and murder of a young Vietnamese village girl by four members of his unit. Refusing to let the unit's violent secret die with their victim, Eriksson is forced to stand alone against his fellow soldiers and commanding officer Sergeant Meserve (Penn), a powerful and charismatic man pushed over the edge of barbarism by the terror and brutality of combat. Determined to bring the men to justice, Eriksson jeopardizes both his life and military career to expose the vile crime and bring those responsible to justice. Even in war... murder is murder.

Baby Boom / Mr. Mom (Double Feature):
Baby Boom stars Diane Keaton and is a heart felt comedy written and directed by Charles Shyer. The film was nominated for two Golden Globes® including "Best Motion Picture" and "Best Performance by an Actress in a Comedy/Musical" for Diane Keaton. Mr. Mom stars Michael Keaton and Terri Garr and was written by John Hughes and directed by Stan Dragoti. One of the first films of its kind, Mr. Mom depicts the hysterical antics of household role reversal. ..

Raising a G-Rated Family in an X-Rated World:
The media sends some pretty strange and startling messages to our children, so what are parents to do? Is this how we want our children to think and behave? A Los Angeles couple has developed ways for parents to fight back and counter the loss of values, the desensitization, and the threats to our children's morality.

Boy we have a slew of product for you this issue! You are sure to find something that interests you in this issue! I wish I had that "Drop Stop" product when my kids were still babies and toddlers. I can't tell you how many times I've played the "drop it and pick it up game"! The Take Out Time Out Mat is a cool concept, similar to something I saw on Super Nanny once. So many great things, be sure to browse the whole issue.

Founding Editor

P.S. Hope you like the improved newsletter design! ;)

The Smart Spending Coupon Organizer

Now, I have never been very good at keeping up with coupons. I find myself losing them, forgetting them at home more often than not, or just not taking the time to cut them out to begin with! i can't tell you how many times I have saved an in store coupon for $1.00 or $2.00 and ended up throwing it away because it expired hainging on my refrigerator. :( saw on Super Nanny once. So many great things, be sure to browse the whole issue.

Well, Faye Prosser, author of The Smart Spending Guide, has created this wonderful tool called The Smart Spending Coupon Organizer. It will run you about $17.99 if you buy it from Faye's website, or you can make your own. But I'll bet you'll find it would be very worth it to buy one of Faye's as she has done all the organizing work for you and you won't have to purchase the binder, tabs and pockets that belond inside.

You can pick from hot pink, royal blue, neon green, steel gray, and deep rep for your binder color. Each Coupon Organizer can hold thousands of coupons in 24 tabbed sections divided by product group. Each divider is labeled with the name of a product group on it (baking, beverage, bread, canned goods, dairy...).

Each of the 24 labeled sections has one high quality plastic 9 pocket page (24 pages total in each organizer) with easy to access, top load coupon pockets. Each pocket can hold up to 20 coupons easily. You can get even more from your pockets by using them on the front and back, allowing for 18 different coupons per page.

Organizers offer inside pockets for storing calculator, pen and sale papers.

Each organizer comes with a one page Guide to Using the Smart Spending Coupon Organizer AND a free pen!

Check our The Smart Spending Coupon Organizer today!

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