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February 12th, 2013 posted by Susie Tilton

The dog days of summer are here, and the heat won’t let up. The kids are forever in the pool, but the boredom factor is slowly creeping in. Here are some great pool games for all ages. Some are tried and true, others may require a little more effort. But make a list and play them all and see which ones your kids go back to for entertainment! Just remind them that wet pool decks are slippery, so no running, and as always, adult supervision is a must!

Follow the Leader Yep, this is a classic that even the grandparents played off the diving boards, but it really never gets old. You can encourage new twists like animal impressions, funny faces, even mom impressions. Little ones can play it jumping off the sides of the pool as well. Also a game of Follow the Leader throughout the yard, over the stump, under the swing etc. that ends in the pool is always fun as long as a little grass doesn’t bother the pool owner.

The Match Game Yes, playing with matches is dangerous, but once they’re wet, no worries. Using a wooden match, all the players stand on the edge of the pool. One person tucks the match between their toes and jumps in releasing the match and swimming out of the way. All the players watch for the match to rise and jump in to retrieve it. This game is much harder than it sounds, and even the adults in our family want to get in on the action. If you play in the deep end, make sure everyone is a good swimmer because people get rough trying to grab that little match! Most matches have red tips, but it is a real challenge with blue tipped matches! Our neighbors play the same game with a golf tee!

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Categories Our version goes like this. Everyone holds on to the edge in the deep end facing the shallow end except the person who is It, he is 5 paces away on the deck and his back is to the pool. He announces the category, such as ice cream flavors, colors, sodas etc. All the players whisper their picks in a small huddle and the “It” begins listing options for his category, when a player’s is named he must quietly swim to the other end. If the “It” hears them go, he turns around and jumps in to catch them and if he does they are the next “It”. If he is unsuccessful, he can continue with the others or pick a new category. If he turns and no one is swimming, he takes another step away from the pool.

Star Another of my kid’s favorites. The “It” stands at one end of the pool and the players at the other. The “It” announces movie, book, song and then the corresponding first letters. For example, Night At The Museum would be N A T M of course no one would get it, then the “It” starts giving clues, there is a monkey that steals keys, a dinosaur that comes alive, etc. The player who thinks they know it Yells “Star”, jumps in and races to the other end. The first one to touch the wall and shout the correct answer wins and becomes the “It”.

Dress Up You need at least 4 kids for this race. Taking 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, 2 pair of socks (and whatever else that isn’t heavy…no shoes) you lay the clothes in 2 piles at the end of the pool. The first player on each team jumps in, swims to the end gets out, puts on the clothes, swims back, takes them off, his teammate puts them on and swims to the other end takes them off and swims back to the starting point. Doctor scrubs and pajamas both work well for this game. Jeans are a poor choice!

Ice Cube Hunt This is a good game for the little ones but takes a bit of preparing. Using plastic containers, fill them with water (colored is always fun) and put in a large toy coin, a metal lid, a refrigerator magnet, just about anything that is much smaller than the vessel. Freeze until rock hard and give the large ice cubes to each child to push around the shallow end until the treasure melts out of it. The letter or number on the treasure could be the key to a prize or a little candy. This is especially fun on HOT days!

Seal Races Each child gets beach ball and has to swim nudging the ball with their nose from end to end. No hands allowed. And another great beach ball idea is to use the ball straight from the package as an invitation. Write on the ball with Sharpie time, date etc. and send the ball to the party guests in a small padded envelope. They’ll know it’s a pool party!

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