The Back-To-Basics Birthday Party

February 12th, 2013 posted by Barbara Thomas

      I’ve hosted and attended some wonderful, fun-filled parties on a small and simple scale. Cake and ice cream and a few games make a fine afternoon for any age group. The cake and ice cream are up to you, but here are a few of my favorite “Back-to-Basics” party games.

Sardines (or Reverse Hide-n-Seek)

One child is the Hider. Everyone else is a Seeker. The Hider hides, the Seekers seek. But, when a Seeker finds the Hider, instead of pointing him out, he joins him in the hiding place. Soon, the children will all be stuffed in one place, like a box of sardines! The first child to find the Hider gets to hide next. Fair warning: this game produces lots of giggles!

Obstacle Course

This is best done outside, unless you have lots of room and very durable carpet. For cold weather parties, a basement or rec room can be a great place for this as well. Set up your course before the party. You can do almost anything, but a course might include: — crawling through a cardboard box — running around objects like trees or lawn chairs — jumping over the hose You can also instruct the children to hop, skip, walk backwards, spin in a circle, etc. through different parts of the course. The length and difficulty of the course will vary according to the ages and skills of your guests. 5-7 year olds are the best age-range for this type of game. The children can race against the clock or each other, or you can relay race.

Follow That String

You’ll need a ball of yarn for every child, minus one. Choose one child as the Tracker. Tie one end of each child’s yarn to a chair or table leg. Have the children walk around, over, and through your furniture, creating a giant spider-web of yarn. At this point, you can have the children hide (still holding the end of their yarn) or simply have them sit in different areas of the room. The Tracker then unties one strand of yarn and must follow it through the web to the child at the end. That child becomes the next Tracker. For young children (3-4) you can have different colored yarn, for older kids, use the same color of yarn.

Paper Bag Stories

This is a good game for smaller groups of older children. Gather up some household objects and one paper bag for each child. Put four or five objects in each bag. (Examples: an apple, a washcloth, a wooden spoon, a baseball cap, an envelope). Try to put different objects in each bag. Seat the children in a circle and have each child open her bag and create a story using the items inside. If they get stuck, ask others in the group to help complete the story.

Paper Bag Masks

This is perfect for rainy or snowy day birthdays. Using brown paper grocery bags and some simple craft supplies such as yarn, glue, markers, scissors, construction paper and other items of your choice, have the kids create masks for themselves. You’ll beamazed at the creativity that will seep from their pores. Keep your decorations simple and have children dress casually for this fun and relaxing party. A few balloons and streamers are plenty of frills for this birthday bash. Use simple solid colored plates and coordinating fruit or soft drink mix. Enjoy yourselves!

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