A Day In The Homeschool Life

February 12th, 2013 posted by Lisa Easterling

Homeschooling families differ in what works for each, just like all families differ. I thought it would be fun to chronicle an average day in the life of the Easterling family…

6 a.m.

– Dad leaves for a one-hour commute to work. Mom gets up for some quiet journaling and devotion time before the rest of the tribe gets going. Sitting in her bentwood rocker in front of an open window, she soaks in the beauty of a Florida autumn morning.

7 a.m.

– Kids get up (with general reluctance and muted groans of “I’m tyerrrrrrrd!”) Breakfast consists of: cinnamon toast with a half pound of margarine for Rosie, 3; Cereal (no milk) for Matt, 5; Six waffles with syrup for Trevor “the moose”, 7; Three soft pretzels with mustard for Luke, 12; and leftover breadsticks and a ham omelet for Jeff, 17. Mom’s breakfast is a cheese cracker munched while preparing writing models for Matt and Trevor.

8 a.m.

– Table cleared, school begins with three students scouring the house for pencils. Mom checks e-mail between referreeing disagreements and guiding boys with handwriting. Rosie gets up from table approximately every two minutes and researches ways to divert her brothers’ attention from their assignments. Luke works on his math and keeps Matt and Trevor (relatively) on task. Jeff leaves for class at the local junior college.

9 a.m.

– School continues with Luke reading children’s literature to younger children, allowing them to take turns (youngest to oldest) telling back what he reads. Afterward, Mom listens to Matt and Trevor read aloud and practice phonics. Rosie “reads” along as brothers ooh and ahh at her dazzling intellect.

10 a.m.

– Matt, Trevor, and Rosie do hands-on math activities, while Luke quizzes them aloud with math trivia (drills without stress). Jeff returns home and wows the kids with a new science experiment called “ooblick”. After much fun, learning, and general mess-making, Jeff leaves for work at the local science museum. Mom cleans up mess and brings out art supplies. Trevor draws his favorite “Lost In Space” character while Matt uses stencils to create an original comic. Rosie covers her pink paper with pink faces in pink marker. Luke loses himself in piano music while he creates song lyrics. Mom loses herself in the laundry room. Luke gets curious about a historical figure who comes to mind and heads for the reference shelf.


– School supplies are cleared and placed in school closet. Several masterpieces are hung with care by magnets on fridge. Luke takes charge of lunch like a Romano’s chef, and makes Ramen Noodles look like a king’s fare. Mom munches another cheese cracker, this time with ham included, while folding a load of baseball uniforms.

1 p.m.

– Kids go down for rest time with a book and a stuffie. Mom works on computer between laundry and straightening Rosie’s room.

2 p.m.

– Boys are up and heading outside for whiffle-ball. Rosie heads for the newly organized doll clothes.

4 p.m.

– Off to dance class with Rosie.

6 p.m.

– Dad and Jeff return from work. Family heads for Little League park, grabbing burgers and fries on the way. Mom runs from field to field, attempting to catch at-bats and a few pitches by each of the boys.

9 p.m.

– Home again, and down to bed for the kids. Mom gathers ideas for tomorrow’s school day and mischievously pens a date with Dad into her daytimer. Dad and Mom look lovingly at one another over a pile of unmatched socks, smile, and promptly fall asleep.

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