12 Easy Organizational Tips for Your Kitchen

July 23rd, 2013 posted by Megan Brown

12 Easy Organizational Tips for Your Kitchen

There is a reason we refer to our kitchens as the “Heart of the Home”.  It is a hub of activity, the place where everyone seems to gravitate to hang out.  In fact, I have given up hope that anyone will ever see my newly decorated living room or sit for a meal at my dining room table and now actually plan parties around the fact that everyone will be congregating in the kitchen.  However, with all that hustle and bustle the kitchen has to work twice as hard as any other room in your house.

Given its unique status as heart and soul of the house, kitchen organization really is an art.  We all long for a space that is efficient yet warm and inviting; clean and never cluttered.

Here are 12 simple ideas that will get you closer to a perfectly organized kitchen-one that makes you and your family happy.  Since you will no doubt be spending a great deal of time there!

Efficiency Rules!

1. Make the most of every inch:  Before you even start, take a step back and really look at your space.  Is there anywhere you have not thought to use for storage?  Perhaps up?  Often times we ignore that extra vertical space that is perfect for storing items that you only use once in a while (like that fondu pot-which in my case has actually NEVER been used).

2. Don’t try to hide everything:  Keep items where you use them.  For example, I keep all of my frequently used cooking utensils next to the stove.  This frees up much needed drawer space and gives me quick access to the items I use most (plus they look pretty cool out on display)

3. Store Items By Use:  Group objects by use and assign them a specific cabinet or drawer.  It is much more efficient to have all your bakeware centrally located while all of your plastic bags and wraps are stashed in their own drawer.

12 Easy Organizational Tips for Your Kitchen

4. Put a lid on it:  Ah, the eternal battle of storing lids for pots and pans.  Not to worry, there are some great inexpensive solutions out there.  I for one love the idea of door mounted solutions or even a great lid rack can work well.

Pantry Perfect

5. Lose the Box:  Items often come in multiple layers of packaging, especially those we use most with kids. (granola bars, oatmeal, etc)  This can make even the tidiest pantry eventually look like a disaster area.  Get rid of that outer box and you can store these individual items much more efficiently.  How you may ask?  Read on.

12 Easy Organizational Tips for Your Kitchen

6. See Through Storage:  Using see through baskets makes it a snap for you and your  kids to search and find all those snacks.  I actually found some that mount on the pantry shelf and function as a see through drawer.  Or even utilizing see through containers under the sink to keep all those cleaning supplies handy.  No more digging in the back of the cabinet to see if you have one more sponge floating around!

12 Easy Organizational Tips for Your Kitchen

7. Label, Label, Label!:  By decanting perishables into containers and adding labels you instantly add some pizzaz to your pantry while also making it much easier to quickly find items you use often (or not so often)!

8. Double Duty:  Think outside your item’s normal use.  Interesting mugs can be the perfect container for silverware or unused flower pots are great for holding napkins.

9. Divide Drawers:  Drawer dividers are key in keeping silverware and all those other small cooking items we collect in their proper place.

Think Strategically

12 Easy Organizational Tips for Your Kitchen

10. Stash it Over the Door:  Yep, one of the most overlooked place for storage.  It really is just a simple and quick do-it-yourself project to build a shelf for housing anything from spices to plastic wrap.

11. De-clutter Counters:  Move items such as your calendar and to-do lists to the wall.  Better yet, go digital!  There are great apps out there to help you manage your life from your computer or phone.

12. Schedule Time Every Week/Month to Maintain:  Do you only have 10 minutes? Take a quick inventory of your kitchen cleaning supplies.  How about 30 minutes?  Update the labels for your pantry containers.  Big jobs like cleaning out your pantry should be scheduled for at least once a year.

It can seem overwhelming at times to keep the kitchen organized and clutter free, but with a little creative thinking and a bit of consistent upkeep your family will be loving their organized space!

If you enjoyed this post, you’ll want to check out our tips for organizing your pantry as well.

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