Countertop Gardening: 6 Vegetables You Can Regrow in Your Kitchen

June 11th, 2013 posted by Jessica

Countertop Gardening: 6 Vegetables You Can Regrow in Your Kitchen by Jessica Salt for

Eating your daily allotment of organic fruits and veggies can put quite a strain on your bank account. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of things you can easily regrow in your kitchen from scraps. No green thumb necessary, this is (almost) fool proof! This is perfect for those of you who may be new to gardening or are just a little unsure of your abilities. Plus, it’s a fun science experiment for the kids, perfect for summer break!


Absolutely everyone can regrow scallions. You just need to put the white root part into a glass of water and change it every day. You’ll see results almost instantly. This is a great ego boosting veggie to start with until you get your confidence up.


You can regrow basil from cuttings, no roots required! Just place the sprigs of basil into plenty of water and make sure to change it often to prevent the plant from getting slimy and gross. Voila! Never-ending basil. Once the  basil starts to overwhelm your kitchen you can easily transition to outdoor container gardening.


To regrow ginger root, you’ll actually need a bit of potting soil. Just place one of the nobs into the dirt and make sure the newest buds are facing up so they can keep growing. Unlike basil and scallions, ginger needs a shaded spot to flourish. So if you’re going to give this one a go, filtered sunlight is your friend.


It might surprise you to know that you can regrow celery from the bunch you buy at the grocery store. Maybe it’s because it so crazy easy to grow, maybe people just want to eat ants on a log! Either way, to regrow your celery, just place the base (the part you usually chop off and toss in the trash) in a shallow dish of water. After about a week or so, you’ll see yellow leaves growing from the center. Once those leaves start to turn green and begin flourishing, you can transplant it into a container or to an outside garden.


The best part about re-growing garlic is that you only need one clove to grow a whole bulb. Similar to the ginger, you simply stick a clove, root side down into the soil. As shoots start to grow, trim them back so that all of the plant’s energy can go into growing a nice big bulb. Once you harvest your bulb you just start the process over again. With all of the garlic and basil you’ll have laying around prepare yourself for pesto!


Carrots aren’t going to grow as simply as the others, but it is something fun for the kids to take part in. The next time you buy carrots, look for the ones that still have their leafy green tops. Cut the tops off, saving about an inch of the carrot along with it. Using toothpicks to prop it up, place it in a glass with water that just covers the bottom of the carrot. Keep it in a spot with filtered sunlight, just like with the ginger, and replace the water as it is needed. As the greens start to grow, keep trimming them back little by little until you start to see roots forming from the bottom of the carrot. Once roots form, you can move the carrot tops outside to grow bigger and stronger.

There are so many reasons to grow a garden aside from frugality. It’s a very fulfilling and relaxing hobby to pick up and it’s something the whole family can be involved in. There’s always something new and exciting to learn, and in this hustling and bustling world its nice to just slow down and get back to basics. So give it a shot!  Use these tips to get the ball rolling and you’ll be a gardening geek in no time!

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