Decorating With Gail: Handmade Quilts: Not Just for Bed!

February 12th, 2013 posted by Gail

Wall hanging The art of quilting has been part of American history for more than a century. Regardless of the climate where you live, you can enjoy quilts in your home year round. Quilts are quite versatile and can be used for many more purposes than the ever popular quilt, used only as a bed cover. If you are fortunate enough to own a quilt, think about using it for any of the following applications:

Quilt Racks

Quilt racks are sold in retail stores and catalogs. Quilts look charming hung over a quilt rack in a master or guest bedroom. Besides their decorative qppeal, they function as an additional source of warmth on those extra “chilly” evenings.


Quilts serve as a bold focal point when hung on the wall. Hanging quilts can be of virtually any size. They only need be in proportion to the size of the wall space where you choose to hang them. Quilts may be hung from “quilt hangers” (designed specifically for the purpose of hanging quilts) or simply be using small nails (try to place the nails in the seam of the fabric so you do not damage the quilt). Smaller quilts stand our in frames and can be hung alone or in a grouping with other artwork.

Draped Over Furniture

For a warm and “comfy” look, try folding your quilt and draping it casually over your staircase railing or over the back of your sofa. In addition to accenting the decor in your room, your quilt is easily within reach for “cuddling up” in front of the fireplace!

Table Covering

One unique and also practical application for your quilt is as a table covering to enhance the eating area. The quilt does not have to fit your table perfectly. Simply spread it over your dining table and instant charm and elegance is added to your kitchen or dining room!

T-Shirt Quilt

I would like to share an especially interesting and practical application for a handmade quilt. When your child is old enough to leave home and attend college or have his first apartment, consider gathering all of their old t-shirts and having them appliqued into a large quilt! Your child will possess a gift that is a true “keepsake” of their past. What a wonderful way to preserve your child’s past with a gift they can immediately use as a decorative accent or blanket covering in their new home!


Quilting classes are often advertised in craft stores. If you are fortunate enought to know how to quilt or receive a quilt as a gift, remember that you own a treasure that has many applications besides its beauty and can be passed on as a family heirloom for generations to come!

Home Decor Tip – The Perfect Camouflage

houseplant For a quick fix to cover up that gash in the wall or that peeling wallpaper, use a house plant. These leafy buddies can do wonders to hide common household problems. The trick is to get the right plant for the spot. To cover up problems, use bushy upright growers like dracaena, schefflera and many ficus. You could also try hanging plants. They can be strung from the ceiling or allowed to spill from the tops of cabinets, bookcases and mantels. Good choices are a wandering jew, a boston fern or a spider plant. Some plants need more upkeep than others. Ask about the care and maintenance of any plant before you buy it. Provided by CyberTip4theDay .

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