Decorating + Pets = Fish Tanks

February 12th, 2013 posted by Sheffield School of Design


To say that kids love animals is a bit simplistic: yes, they love cuddling them, playing with them, showing them off to their friends. They do not love feeding them, cleaning up after them, or paying for their veterinary bills. So what do you do when your children enter the early school years and start begging for a Golden Retriever or a Siamese cat? Especially if you live anywhere but in a huge farmhouse out in the countryside, getting a dog or cat can prove quite an undertaking. And while the timing might be perfect for the kids, it might be terrible for you: just when you’re thinking you’ll have a little more freedom now that they’re in school for a full day, the last thing you want to spend your newly-acquired free time on is chasing dog toys from under the sofa.

The answer:

a fish tank. Look at all the benefits to having fish as pets: you don’t have to walk them, there’s no risk that they’ll have an accident on your grandmother’s Oriental carpet, and once you get them installed, they’re inexpensive to care for. And while little Billy might be upset if his prized angelfish dies, the blow won’t be as bad as it would if Spot runs out into traffic. And a fish tank won’t only benefit the kids; it can also be a boon to your interior design. One function of the living room is to encourage conversation among guests or family members. A fish tank can make a terrific conversation piece for the adults, providing a focal point for a living room decor that’s otherwise, well, floundering. Imagine your next cocktail or dinner party, with your guests talking about the blennies and puffers, and the kids proudly showing off their knowledge of water pH and gill function. Another function of a living room is to get people to relax. Studies have shown that watching fish swim lowers one’s blood pressure and is a natural stress-reducer, much more so than a television. Fish tanks are no longer just an oblong box tucked into the corner of a room. They now come in all shapes and sizes, from desk-top miniatures to big hexagonal structures. You can even get a coffee table fish tank, so that you’re practically swimming in there with the damsels and bettas. Secondly, the mood of nearly any room will be enhanced by a fish tank, because of this calming effect. Want a romantic influence of an evening? Switch off the lights except for the tank light, and ask your sweetheart to sit on the sofa with you to watch the fish. Harmony: ask yourself if a fish tank will harmonize with the style you already have in the room. Chances are that it will. Think of the tank as you would a piece of furniture: look at the shape of the tank, consider its lines, and think about the colors of the fish you’ll have in it. Fish Quieter than dogs, 100% less shedding than cats. Fish: the perfect pet for the busy family that cares about the look and mood of the home.


Recommended Reading:

I found this book after I had bought my aquarium and set it up. I wasn’t too sure what direction to go in – I just knew that I wanted healthy and happy fish. I read this book from cover to cover, took apart my tank and started over with great zeal. The book gave me lots of information on what to do and also allowed me to figure out what I wanted. The best part is the various set ups that are included, telling you what fish, plants and environments go together, from start to finish. If the book falls down in any area, it is lack of information about specific fish. However, in conjunction with a good book specifically about fish (which I think you should have anyway), The Complete Aquarium is a wonderful resource that has made my new hobby much more enjoyable because I now know what I want and how to get it! (courtesy Amazon)

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