Yo-Yo Angels

February 12th, 2013 posted by Eileen Herron

These adorable yo-yo angels are the perfect gift for Mom, Grandma, your best friend, or anyone you feel would appreciate their comfort. A special thanks to Eileen Herron, the artist, for sharing these adorable angels.

You will need

patterned fabric of your choice white or cream colored fabric 1/2″ wood furniture plug, preferably flat backed (available at craft stores) clear jewelry beads gold craft wire white craft glue (Tacky glue) pin for back or magnet strip hot glue gun 3″ diameter juice glass black acrylic paint Stylus or toothpick Q-Tip, dampened blusher button and/or ribbon bow

If you make this project

we’d love to see it! Just send your photos and comments to the editor and it may get published on our Facebook fan page !

What you do

Making the Yo-Yos

For each yo-yo, use no more than an 1/8 or 1/4 of a yard of fabric. Using the rim of the juice glass, trace a circle onto the patterned fabric. Do the same with the white or cream colored fabric. Use needle and thread to stitch edge under and make a running stitch around fall fabric. Pull thread to gather fabric and tie off. Flatten circle with stitching in center front. This creates the yo-yo. //

Putting it Together

For the wings, run a stitch from the top of the yo-yo down to the hole in the yo-yo and pull down. Tie off. This will look similar to a heart. The finished yo-yos should measure about 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Lay the wings on your work surface, hole side up. Position yo-yos so that the bumps of the wings show above the dress (see photo). Hot glue the dress on top of the wings, hole side facing up. Glue a button and/or ribbon bow to the center of the yo-yo dress.

Angel’s Face

Use tacky glue to adhere several beads to the top of the furniture plug to create the hair. The easiest way to do this is to put the glue on then dip the plug into the beads. With a stylus or toothpick and black paint, dot on two eyes. Use damp Q-Tip and blusher to create cheeks. Glue the face toward the top of the dress, so that the top of the furniture plug is flush with the top of the dress (use photo as a guide).


Wrap a piece of gold wire around a fat marker (Sharpie is a great size), trim ends. Dab some tacky glue in between the wings and the dress and slid the halo in. Allow to dry completely.


These sayings were created by Shirley T. of Craft Sayings. To views TONS more sayings, click here! Use a graphics program such as Print Shop to to create the poem card. Print out your poem on business card stock. To see a larger view of this angel, click here Here is an example of a Mother’s Day poem: I will love you forever; And forever you will be The most wonderful mother, You mean everything to me. OR A mother’s love is special… It cannot help but show. Like flowers in a garden, Her love makes children grow. To see a larger view of this angel, click here Here are a couple of examples of diet angel poems: Diet angel Way up high, Please don’t let me Eat the pie! Diet angel Please stay handy, Keep me from eating All the candy To see a larger view of this angel, click here Here’s an example of a new baby angel: An angel to watch over, Every precious thing you do. While your special family, Shares their love with you!

Types of Angels

Here are some ideas for the different types of angels you can make. Get creative with your poems and borders and come up with other angel ideas as well. Holidays Teacher Volunteer Friends Best Friends New Baby/Expecting Brownie/girl scouts Brownie/GS leader Diet Exercise Menopause Surgery/Recuperate Springtime Garden Masseuse Travel Patriotic Great Mom Nurse Bingo


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