Snowballs For Sale

February 12th, 2013 posted by Amanda Formaro

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Snowballs For Sale Click here for a larger view

This cute little entrepreneurial snowman makes a great addition to the fireplace mantel or the front entryway. A fun wintertime craft that recycles too! The instructions for this craft list out the materials that we used, but don’t let that stop you! Be creative, use up old Christmas craft supplies, adapt to what you have on hand.

You will need

3 1-1/4″ diameter wooden balls empty black film canister holiday silk floral 2 juice can lids 18″ length of craft wire fence 2 miniature terra cotta pots woodsie door hanger with hanger section cut off woodsie gingerbread man small gold bell scrap of material for scarf small white pom poms gold ribbon 2 small buttons (1 red, 1 green) Fiberfil cotton batting Acrylic paint in white, black, flesh, red, green, and orange red glitter glue black marker hot glue gun wire cutters

If you make this project

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What you do

// Prep & Paint Begin by cutting off the hanger portion of a woodsie door hanger, or use a rectangular piece of wood or plywood for your base. Paint it white and let it dry. Meanwhile, paint the 3 wood balls completely with white acrylic paint. Set aside to dry. Paint 2 juice can lids, one red, and one green, let dry.


Once base has dried, begin gluing fence around the outer perimeter of the woodsie door hanger. Bend as you go and cut off any excess with wire cutters. Bend so that the gate is standing open. Be sure to allow room in the front of the gate, approximately 3/4-1″.


Glue the 3 white balls together, stacked one on top of the other. Glue film canister upside down on top of the head. Once glue is dry, glue 2 small buttons onto second ball and wrap a small scrap of material around the neck in between the top and second ball to make a scarf. Tie or glue in place. With black acrylic paint, dot on two eyes. use orange paint to make a nose. Use the black marker to draw on a mouth and flash colored acrylic paint to make rosey cheeks. Glue snowman to the base inside the fence, off to the left.

Sleds & Snowballs

When juice can lids are dry, glue small loops of gold ribbon to the back in two places for sled handles. Glue the sleds to the base, leaning them up against the fence, off to the back right. Put some glue in the bottom of one of the terra cotta pots and immediately add two pom poms so that the glue doesn’t dry. Add a little more glue to the pom poms in place and attach more pom poms to create a bucket of snowballs. Repeat with other terra cotta pot. Glue both to the base, one next to and in front of the snowman, the other just outside the fence. Sign

Finishing Touches

Glue a sprig of holiday silk flowers or berries to the back left corner of the fence, behind the snowman. Add a small gold bell to the gate of the fence, secure with glue. Make the For Sale sign by using the black marker to write “FOR SALE SNOWBALLS AND SLEDS”, use the picture as a guide. Decorate the sign with light brushes of white paint around the edges and a line and dots of red glitter glue (see picture). Tie a small bow from gold ribbon and glue to the top of the gingerbread’s head. Glue the sign in the front of the fence, left side. Surround the perimeter of the fence with clumps of Fiberfil, not too much, you don’t want to hide your embellishments! Display!

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