Mini Hanging Longjohns

February 12th, 2013 posted by [email protected]

Long Johns These adorable longjohns make an ideal gift for Grandparents, new parents, or just about anyone! Adorned with it’s own hanger, they are ready for display on Christmas morning.

You will need

2 pair of tube socks (the picture is childs tube socks – you can use any size) 2 red buttons (3 for adult size) 1 green chenille stem red ribbon for trim white thread & needle straight pins //

If you make this project

we’d love to see it! Just send your photos and comments to the editor and it may get published on our Facebook fan page !

What you do

Lay one sock flat and horizontal on your work surface, ribbing to the left. Lay a second sock flat and over lapping the 1st sock, with the ribbing to the right. This will form the arms. You want the overlapped portions to be about as wide as the body part of the socks. Lay the remaining two socks vertically over the arms you have formed. The arms will be at the top, and the toe part of the sock will be at the top, with the ribbing down at the bottom for the legs. Use straight pins and pin the socks together along what would be the shoulders, being sure to catch the “arm socks” Pin the arm and side of the body together also. At the center where the two body socks come together, near the top fold down a little collar on each inside edge of the toe. With the needle and thread baste the socks together, around the body and arms, across the shoulders, down the other side, and on the back side across the back at the bottom of the arm pieces. On the front center, tack the collar down. then baste the center socks together, adding the buttons as you go down. Continue past the arm sections a few inches, leaving a portion unstitched for the legs. Make a small green wreath with the green chenille stem by wrapping it into a circle. Glue a little red bow on it at the top, and stitch it to the sock. Print out the poem (seebelow) on cardstock, using small print. Cut it out and add a little bow, pin it to the long johns. Purchase a little hanger, or fashion one from craft wire.


I made you some long johns But they turned out too small In fact I don’t think They will fit you at all. So take off the buttons And snip the threads You will have two pair of socks instead! Author’s personal note: “My grandmother had made these many many years ago, and we always loved receiving them as kids!” — [email protected]


You can do the same thing with heeled socks, when you lay them out fold them so that they are straight and flat with a heel flap at the back. You can add buttons there at the back for the longjohn flap!

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