Creative Costumes for Halloween

February 12th, 2013 posted by Amanda Formaro

As the years have come and gone, parents and children have become more and more creative in selecting costumes, from the adorable to the unusual. Here are a few to choose from! Check out our homemade face paint here !


green or brown hooded sweatsuit 2 sheets yellow or white posterboard green felt 2 plastic headbands craft glue small stuffed bumble bee From posterboard, cut out petals. From green felt, cut out long leaves. Glue petals to one headband and glue green felt leaves to the other headband. Put petal headband on head and leaf headband around neck. Glue a small stuffed bumble bee to sweatshirt. You can fashion one from felt or posterboard.


flannel shirt blue jeans lief jacket rubber boots fishing pole (real or made from a stick or branch) floppy fishing hat cardboard silver spray paint black marker 12″ piece of yarn hole punch Cut four fish out of cardboard. Spray paint silver on both sides, let dry. Use marker to draw an “X” in place of the fish’s eyes. Punch hole near mouth of each fish and string from a piece of yarn. Carry fishing pole in hand and sling fish over shoulder.


red beret or other hat cardboard craft paint in several colors cape or smock paint brush Have child wear hat tipped sideways. Draw on a black mustache with eyeliner or face paint. Cut out an artist’s paint palette from cardboard. Paint five or six circles in different colors around palette. Hot glue paint brush onto palette or hold in hand.


Yellow or red raincoat rubber boots (yellow, red or basic black) toy fire hat cardboard aluminum foil stuffed Dalmatian toy Make an axe out of cardboard and aluminum foil. Get dressed and carry puppy!


flannel shirt overalls galoshes straw hat or baseball cap plastic pitchfork (or fashion from cardboard) stuffed pig or chicken Very simple, just get dressed! Carry pitchfork and stuffed farm animal.

Tired Woman

well-worn nightgown well-worn terry bathrobe big fuzzy slippers curlers plastic coffee mug Get dressed. Put curlers in child’s hair. Have her carry a coffee mug and hang a sign around her neck that says “I’m Not a Morning Person!”


brown hooded sweatsuit dark brown tights cotton batting or old pillow stuffing hot glue white packing peanuts Stuff tights with cotton batting or pillow stuffing. Fold into a pretzel shape and hot glue in place. Use white packing peanuts as salt and hot glue on.


red, blue, yellow or green hooded sweatsuit 2 matching colored chenille sticks plastic headband thin cardboard silver spray paint Twist chenille sticks onto headband for antennas. Paint child’s face same color as s sweatsuit. Cut a tummy sized square of cardboard and spray one side with silver paint, let dry. Glue to tummy of sweatsuit.

Pizza Slice

2 sheets of red, yellow or orange poster board yellow, green, red, and brown construction paper OR craft paint Cut the posterboard into 2 pie shapes (triangle). Then on one side of each piece, glue on red circles for pepperoni, brown splotches for sausage, green squares for green peppers, and yellow strips for cheese. You can use pieces of posterboard or construction paper, or you can paint them on. Then when you are done, use some more posterboard to connect the two slices, by cutting two long strips and attaching them to the wide end of the slice and draping them over the child’s shoulders (imagine those signs that people where in the city streets, the walking billboards of yesteryear). Pizza!

Patch of Dandelions

green sweatpants or leggings light blue sweat shirt yellow felt big yellow buttons green felt white pompoms cotton batting or cotton balls Cut leaves out of green felt and glue or stitch onto green pants. Cut yellow felt into circles, slitting them to make fringe around the edges. Hand stitch on over green leaves with big yellow buttons. Hand sew white pompoms on to make dandelions that have gone to seed. Glue cotton batting or cotton balls onto blue shirt for clouds. Cut a large yellow circle from felt for the sun.

Bubble Bath

white sweatsuit small white balloons shower cap bath scrubby (with rope to hang from wrist) rubber ducky Pin small white balloons all over shirt. Put on shower cap, hang bath scrubby from wrist and carry a rubber ducky or glue him to the shoulder of the shirt.

Bag of Jelly Beans (or gumballs)

clear plastic bag (dry cleaning bags are great) balloons, several different colors bright colored scarf white posterboard black marker craft glue Have child step into bag to make holes for the legs and arms. Fill bag with balloons use a bright scarf to tie around the top of the bag. Cut a square of posterboard to create a sign that says “Jelly Beans 5¢”. Glue it to the front of the bag.


black sweatsuit 2 pieces of cardboard craft or spray paint, any color of M&M’s black craft paint or markers heavy duty string Cut two large circles out of cardboard. Paint. Draw or paint on “m&m” onto both circles. Use heavy duty string to attach the 2 pieces together and hang over shoulders, sign style.

Table for One

cardboard red checkerboard table cloth play dishes play food silk flowers plastic headband Cut cardboard into a circle, cut out a hold for your head. Put head into hole and rest on your shoulders. Cover with a red checkerboard tablecloth. Make your head into a centerpiece by gluing silk flowers to the headband. Glue play dishes and play food onto the table, add accessories (salt and pepper shakers, napkins, menu, etc.).

Mr. Potato Head

black sweatsuit burlap bag old shirt or rags white felt black felt red felt peach felt brown felt Velcro fasteners fiber fill red clown shoes white gloves Fill the burlap bag with old shirts or rags. Using felt, cut out the eyes (black and white), nose (peach), mouth (red), and mustache (brown). Attach Velcro to the backs of the pieces of felt. Use fiberfill to stuff each parts. Attach the Velcro backs to the suit.

King & Queen of Hearts

4 pieces of white posterboard 2 pieces of cardboard (from nylon package) gold spray paint red lipstick Draw the King of Hearts face on one side of the white posterboard, then just hearts on back side. Put a strap (scrap of material) stapling the two posters to fit over child’s head on to their shoulder. Make gold crown out of nylon cardboard. Put a heart of lipstick on child’s cheek. Repeat for the Queen.


purple or green sweatsuit purple or green balloons double-sided tape or adhesive Velcro circles chenille sticks or raffia Stick balloons to clothing. If using tape, twist it around tied-off end of balloon and crimp tightly onto clothing. Velcro circles come apart. Each half can be attached to a balloon and the clothing. Make a “stem” by twisting together brown and green pipe cleaners or raffia and attach to hat. This works best as an indoor party outfit and should not be worn by children under five — balloons are a choking hazard.

Grape Vine

brown sweatsuit brown shoes double sided tape purple balloons Cover your body with double sided sticky tape. Then fill up purple balloons and attach the balloons to the double sided tape. You may use a garbage bag tie to attach the balloon to the double sided tape. This is preferred if you are going outside in the wind.

A Highway

black sweatsuit yellow craft paint or yellow tape small plastic toy cars Paint two solid yellow lines down the middle of the shirt, or use 2 inch pieces of yellow tape. Glue on plastic cars.

Laundry Basket

hooded sweatsuit, any color small round laundry basket string odd socks armful of clothing empty detergent bottle empty fabric softener bottle Cut a hole in the bottom of the laundry basket to fit to child’s body. Attach twin strings to act as suspenders to hold the basket up. Fill it with clothes and empty detergent bottles.

Static Cling

Mismatched clothes safety pins dryer sheets socks small towels hair gel Wear any kind of mismatched clothes, pin one pant leg up, pin dryer sheets on you as well as socks, small towels, etc. Use hair gel to make your hair look like it has static.

Punk rocker

black pants leather jacket colored hair spray sunglasses hair gel hair spray Use hair gel and hair spray to tease hair into crazy spikes. Color.


black pants black button-down shirt black shoes white posterboard rosary bible Create a priest’s collar from white posterboard and insert into front collar area of shirt. Works best if you use a shirt that has the same type of self-faced collar as priests wear, or you could tuck under the collar points for a similar effect. Add rosary and bible. Especially a cute costume for a boy who is constantly in trouble!


any color sweatsuit matching color construction paper or posterboard black marker Paint the word “crayon” sideways in black, and use the same color construction paper to make your pointed hat. Staple a string on it and tie it under your neck to keep it secure, you can paint your face the same color too.

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