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February 12th, 2013 posted by Family Corner Staff

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“Our 18 month old insists on standing on chairs. Short of removing every piece of furniture in the house, what are some suggestions to stop this behavior?”

~ Cindee

Answers from our members:

Kris wrote:

Cindee, some kids seem to have this problem more than others!!! My kids enjoy “watching” and “helping” me, especially when I am cooking. For this they usually need a chair, so I allow them to stand (supervised) on a small chair. To keep your son entertained and also to teach him consequences, you could consider buying or borrowing one of those small slide-and-climber type toys. When he plays happily on it, reinforce his behavior. However, when he climbs on the furniture, move him to the slide/climber and remind him that that is his toy and that chairs are not toys. Good luck to you!


Cindee, like Amanda, I am curious to read some advice as I didn’t experience this problem with any of my 4 children. My nephew at 16 months was a climber and my sister did as Brenda has, tied the kitchen and dining room chairs tight around the table with bungee cords. I like the “Piggies Down” idea – cute! What methods, if any, have you already tried?


Hi Cindee–Boy, that brings a flood of memories back. I have 4 children, the youngest is now almost 8–a few more days. One of them was always climbing up and standing. I remember that one of the desperate moves I made was fastening the kitchen chairs together under the table! It seemed to be a relatively short phase, but tough getting through it!! We also had one that was never happy where chairs were placed–always had to move them around. We were quite sure he would eventually be a furniture mover! Best of luck–and remember as with nearly every ‘stage’ of childhood, ‘this too shall pass’


Our daughter (25 mos) loves her “Piggys” we play “this little piggy went to market” and we paint them with nail polish etc. So whenever she stands on furniture or puts her feet where they don’t belong, all we have to say is “Piggys down!” Or “No piggys on the chair” and she sits right away.


Cindee, I am curious to see the responses to your question. I haven’t had this problem with my toddler (yet) so I can’t help much. But I am sure there are some parents out there that can help!

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