Let’s Celebrate!

February 12th, 2013 posted by Jennine Knight

We have good news this month. We get to celebrate! The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Damon has been released from his parents and is now available for adoption by me, his grandmother. It took three and a half years but now he can call me “mommy” and I won’t feel funny about it. Because in a few weeks, the judge will say “he is yours now”. What a long road it’s been. The day he came to live with us, he was seven months old. Now, he is two months shy of being four. It was a long and rocky road, but now we can concentrate on his future. And since he is my grandson, and it will be my second round, I now know a whole lot more than I did before. According to the Adoption Support Program staff, the judge has a little party when its “adoption day” at the courthouse. The person(s) adopting get to bring in friends and family and the “ceremony” is in the judge’s chambers instead of a cold courtroom. You can even bring balloons. Damon loves balloons. Then we all will go home and have cake and ice cream to celebrate the new “official” addition to the family. The Adoption Support Program staff says that some families use that day as the new “birthday” for the child. Since Damon already knows his birthday (just ask him, “June second” he will say), we won’t be changing it on him. But we will celebrate it though. Just to keep it special. Many days throughout the ordeal, I had doubts on whether I was capable of raising another child. But of course you can, an inner voice would say. But do I want to, I would say. This went on for awhile as my inner thoughts wrestled with each other. Then one day, Damon looks at me in those hazel eyes of his and says “mommy, I love you”, and I melt. Well, that about clinches it for me. No more doubts. My mother and others were glad to see that he was placed in my care. They thought it was the best thing for him. And since I had three boys, well, he is just number four. Only a little bit later in life is all. (Okay, actually a lot later). Speaking of my mother, she developed this relationship with him that not one of her own grandkids had. She didn’t particularly like her grandkids. Sure she loved them, but, if you can understand this, she didn’t really like kids. I think she just got her fill with us. There were three of us kids, two girls and a boy, and, well, she just must have got her fill. Anyway, one day shortly after I had received custody of Damon we went to visit her. He took one look at her and held out his arms for her to hold him. She melted. They were very close after that. I can’t understand it but it was special. She died only a few months after that, sudden like. It was very traumatic. He was losing family left and right and he took it hard. At least he has us, his new family. A grandmother, two uncles and a girlfriend of one of the uncles become his new family and all will be well again. So let’s celebrate!

about the author Jennine Knight is a single mother of three teenagers with one grandson at home to raise as her own. She works full time as an Administrative Assistant/Webmaster and has a Virtual Assistance Secretary business on the internet on the side.

She loves gardening, fishing, boating, camping, (all outdoor stuff) sweepstaking, cooking, sewing, writing, and computers.

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