Swine Flu

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  • I hope those of you who mentioned getting this flu are feeling better. It's really awful. A lot of people here in Bakersfield have it.
    At church today we were told to give a handbump instead of the sign of peace.......

  • The health department sent letters to all the local churches asking that we wave at each other instead of giving handshakes and hugs during the greeting.

  • My county is administering the both the H1N1 and reg. seasonal flu mists/shots to the kids in school for free if the parents consent to it.

    I have to fill out forms for both of my kids. They will not give 2 shots to one child--instead they will receive one nasal mist and one shot. Unfortunately my daughter is in the age range where she will need 2 of the H1N1 shots + a flu shot so I'm not how they will go about giving the mist for that one. I have to call the school tomorrow to find out.

    My dh gets his flu shot at work this week and then I'm left to pay for a regular flu shot. I have to check into getting the H1N1 nasal mist.

    Anyone else getting the H1N1 vaccine or nasal mist?