Peyronies Disease

  • Anyone out there have a husband with Peyronies Disease? It is a form of ED. Looking for ideas on how to deal with it.

  • Coll, don't know if anyone has pm'd you on this subject but I googled for some info. I don't know of anyone with this problem but google came up with some links to check out, one being , they start with the basics and go into forms of treatment (drugs and surgery), something I did read said that most men clear up within or about a year after getting this disease.

    a couple of other links you could check out are

    you may have already found these sites and others. whether you have or not, I'll keep you both in my prayers that he can get the help he needs for this condition.
    take care
  • Peyronies Disease
    My husband doesn't have Peyronies but he does have multiple sclerosis and it also effects his ability to achieve an erection. He still has sensation and can still achieve climax. I do miss a so called "normal" relationship but we rely on toys and still enjoy each other.
  • Thanks Pam for the links, will be checking them out soon.
    And thanks merzoo. Its been about 6-7 years since my husband was diagnosed. We do have toys if they are needed but lately they have been collecting dust.

    If talking about this may be offensive to some, please please let me know so that I can talk to others through pm. Thanks.

  • Peyronies Disease
    Coll, thank you for stating that some people might be uncomfortable with this subject. I'm very open and honest and tend to forget that not everyone is accepting of such topics. At least in my first reply I used the word climax instead of the "O" word.
  • I posted the question because my husband would have my head if I ever discussed his "problem" with any family members or friends. He said since he doesn't know any of you he's okay with me talking about it here. I told him that you all are my friends. He laughed and said okay you win that one. Then said as long as I have someone to talk to if I need to its okay. Besides your FC friends don't know me personally.

    Subjects like that are practically tabu in my family. Not always, but usually and depending on who's around.