Frugal Stress Busters To Help You Relax

  • Frugal stress busters to help you relax:

    Take the time to something you like to do, whether it's jogging or knitting or reading a special book.

    A long soak in a hot bath is probably the favorite, but take it a little further now.

    Make an extra strong cup of herbal tea and pour it into your bath water. Try chamomile, peppermint or licorice. It's a very frugal way to relax and it smells heavenly, too.

    After your bath and while you're still wet, smooth olive oil on your skin (it only takes a teaspoon or two for your entire body), then use a rough towel to scrub dry all over. Olive oil is a frugal way to combat dry skin, too, so use it often. A small bottle will last months.

    What we drink can relax us or give us energy, so think before partaking. Coffee, tea, cocoa and many soft drinks contain caffeine which can keep us from relaxing. Opt instead for herbal or fruit teas (hot lemonade, berry teas), water, milk or juice (without extra sugar). Hot drinks are generally more relaxing.
    BUT, go for "comfort" in your drinks. The mental comfort of a cup of hot cocoa often overcomes the physical response to the caffeine. Not just drinks, either. Have a meal that includes your absolute favorite comfort food and forget the diet for one day.

    Don't overeat or drink too much of anything (even water). A lack of moderation stresses our bodies - which in turn stresses our minds.

    Put on some favorite music, but not fast music, or music that has an off beat. Our bodies respond to those rhythms so that our hearts beat to them. It's true, check yourself and you'll see. Go for something with a regular, slow and steady beat, no matter what the style. Sound is a very frugal way to relax.

    If you don't want music, use "white noise" - something that won't irritate or stimulate, like a fan. Rain or a recording of it, works well too.

    Remove any bright and/or clashing colors from your immediate vision. Colors stimulate our emotions and bodies.

    Wear clothing that you enjoy. Choose the fabric especially to your liking, whether it's silk or fake fur (or tweed!). Don't wear anything that doesn't fit well or that binds or twists when you move around.

    Get spiritual. Whether your bent is prayer, daydreaming or communing with trees, get into it and let your spirit calm your body.

    Surround yourself with calm people, or no one at all. If you're stressed, keep away from the "madding crowd" for a few hours anyway.

    Lie down, or at least raise your feet. Not only physical, this is a mental signal to your body to slow down and relax.

    It's just about impossible to do these things and not relax.
  • Thanks for the tips ajrsmom! I definitely use the soaking in a bath idea...

    I also enjoy lighting some candles, listening to relaxing music and sipping a nice glass of wine to help me relax...

    However, the best thing for me personally is exercise...even though it's tough to force myself to do, it helps so much afterwards. I've been thinking about getting investing in some exercise equipment...maybe a treadmill. I saw in the weekend paper that sears is having a big sale on all exercise equipment ...might try to check that out.

    I've also found that journaling has been helping me cope with stress recently.
  • I wish that I could say that I could motivate myself to exercise when Im stressed. My treadmill is sitting here in a corner.

    I think that its wonderful that you unwind that way! Good Luck in your search for exercise equipment.

  • Thanks Tami! I actually stopped by sears on my way home last night and saw two models that I was a Proform and the other was a NordicTrak. The prices looked pretty good. I'm going to give myself a couple days to decide. I'm looking forward to giving myself fewer excuses NOT to work out