Where does stress usually show on your body?

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  • I used to be a teeth grinder...but broke my self from it, sort of. I still make the "grinding motion" sometimes, I just don't let my teeth touch.

    And I, too, shake my legs nervously.
  • I forgot to mention that I grind my teeth, but wear a mouth-guard at night!
    Boy that little guy of yours rosmith makes me tired just watching him, although I used to be like that and drive people nuts, but have calmed down lots (which is why I have put on weight!)
  • I've never been hyper like that...but just because of the stresses of life...I feel like I am always "dancing as fast as I can". I do find it hard to relax. I have guilt if I relax when there is so much that needs to be done!
  • so true, rosmith...I as well feel guilty when I just relax, but I always try to ask myself what will count more on my deathbed - if I worked hard and had a spotless house, or if I relaxed and had a fun life??
    I love your kids names...is Trinity named from 'Matrix'?
  • Trinity is my oldest...age 23. So, no, not from Matrix. Actually I have not seen "Matrix" and did not realize that there was a character named Trinity in the movie.

    I have dau India 11 and son Taylor almost 7.

    When Trinity was named Trinity and India was named India, you VERY RARELY heard anyone named those names. Now, I've seen several with those names.

    I know...about the stress thing. Trust me, my house is not spotless!
  • Wow, thanks for sharing! You should watch the 1st Matrix,it is the best! I guess I like different names, cause there aren't many 'Alida's' around, although my Mom found it in the baby book. My kids have very common names tho...Steven, Corey & Michelle...I think I didn't want them to go through what I had to with how to spell and pronounce, etc! Get lots of compliments on it tho!
    Have a great, UNSTRESSFUL day!
  • I am hoping and praying that with the warm weather and increased water intake that I will thin down by walks and not being "cooped up". I really need to stop stress/ bordem eating!

    Are mouth guards expensive? I thought I saw one at WAL-MART.
  • I don't know that I would try a 'Wal-mart' mouth guard, Cathy. I am lucky cause I have a good dental plan through my work and didn't have to pay for it, but they have to take impressions of your mouth and then send away to have it made. Then I come back for a 'fitting'! As I said earlier I am on my second one!!
    It's easy for me to say to try to not fret and stress after I just took a week off work for what I called a 'sanity break'!!
    When I get real stressed I can't eat...guess I am lucky there.
    What is the most stressful thing you have to deal with right now? Sometimes it helps just to talk about it At least you have your faith and that is good...what ever you believe in, just pray & talk to your God, angels...whomever and they will listen and help you!
    Take care, Cathy, we all love you here
  • Hi all,
    Wow! A conversation that lasted 2 years!! Shows how important the topic is!
    I have the same 'can't relax guilt too'!! I am working on thinking of the 'what is more important...' thought. but before I finish the thought and convince myself I come up with some thing I should do and start running again...:mad:
    Is any body in my boat? How do you stop yourselves from ging to the next chore when your feet are complaning?

  • I think too that stress shows in my "dairyair" :p
    I am a stress eater.

    I love you guys too.

    The most stressful thing I deal with?? My kids! I have had CONSTANT tention since Dayne has come to live with us.
    Err....can I run away for a week???

    Just kidding;-)