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  • Momperson, First thought that comes to mind for me... IS ahve you spoken to your doctor about your no insurance predicament? Is ther anything he/she can do ( pro-bono?) Next I would contact the Patient Advocate at the hospital in which you would be having the proceedure done ... (or the Social services Department... ) Ask if they can tell you what programs amight be available to you for getting this medical care that you need. Medicare is available to anyone without insurance, if they pay a certain premium based on their income... No one should have to be uninsured.

    I'd also call my congressman's office. I'd ask if ther is any grant money or federal funding or red tape slashing they can do for you ..Be a squeaky wheel.. That's what these guys get paid for.

    You need to have this stuff done, and you need to feed your family and you shouldn't have to choose between the two...

    I hope you can get some assistance in this. Being swallowed up by medical bills is NOT what you need now. (((hugg)))... Take care of you...