What is your preferred Birth control pill

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  • Hi! Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for the birth control pill. I am currently taking Mircette and it is just making me so bloated! Any suggestions??
  • I have a suggestion for birth control but it isn't the pill. After my second child, I tried to get on birth control pills but they had such a bad effect on me that I couldn't take them. My doctor recommended something called a Nuva Ring. It has worked wonderfully! It's similar to the Patch and the Pill in that it is used for 3 weeks, then removed for 1 week. It has worked great for me!!

    Good luck with your search!
  • Don't you have to go back to the dr. every month to have it removed?
  • No, it's actually something you can remove yourself.
  • I was worried about bloating. My gyno put me on Demulan bcp, loss dose of estrogen. He just switched me to yasmine. I have no problems with either. I do have to say I'm less weepy on the yasmine
  • I have heard good things about Yasmine. I just have always been very nervous about taking pills. I really dont like the idea, but I have to do something at this time of my life. 3 under the age of 5 are enough for now!
  • well the pills are small if that's what you're nervous about.

    If you're nervous about remembering, I take it right before bed, which is basically the same time every night with the exception of an hour - give or take. A few times I forgot and just took it in the morning.

    It's nice not to worry about another child and nice having regular periods!
  • Pill made my blood pressure skyrocket!
    I don't use the pill, either. I use the Depo Provera shot and I don't get bloated. The only "side effect" I have is that I don't really have a period anymore. I may have a very, very light one every 6 months or so in order for my body to "clean itself out" but I really don't have them. I personally don't consider this a side effect, except I'm always paranoid I'm pregnant. It's just as effective as the pill, but there is always that 3% chance. I love it because if I had to rely upon taking a pill every day, I'd have 20 kids by now!! Hope this helps!
  • Side effect of the pill - no sexual desire! It mimics pregnancy after all. Almost ruined my marriage before we figured it out. He was taking it personally that I wasn't interested. 3 wanted kids later and one vasecotomy - very happy. I used natural family planning between kids.
  • Birth Control
    I use the Ortho Evra patch and I love it. You leave it on for 7 days then you take it off and replace it, doing this for 3 weeks. The 4th week you dont use one. Here is the site link for more information.


    I had problems with the Depro Provera making me gain weight and being HIGHLY emotional. And the pill made me sick to my stomach.

    Hope this helps!!