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stellajean66 07-11-2018 06:10 AM

Dinner tonight is Chicken Stir Fry over Rice.

stellajean66 07-12-2018 06:06 AM

Dinner tonight is Soup and Sandwiches.

danstigerangel 07-12-2018 10:06 AM

I am making pizzas tonight. One will be fresh basil and the other will be pepperoni and pepper.

stellajean66 07-13-2018 06:16 AM

Dinner will be out tonight.

danstigerangel 07-14-2018 03:28 AM

Hubby and I went to Red Robin last night.
Dinner tonight will be strip steaks, baked potato, dilled cucumbers and macaroni salad.

stellajean66 07-14-2018 07:28 AM

Dinner tonight is Italian Sausage Spaghetti and Salad.

danstigerangel 07-15-2018 08:29 AM

I will have the Grands today. Dinner tonight is hot dogs, sloppy joe, macaroni salad and perogies.

stellajean66 07-15-2018 09:57 AM

We ended up eating out last night so we will have the Italian Sausage Spaghetti and Salad tonight.

Kell 07-15-2018 10:30 AM

Dinner last night was an appreciation dinner by the City Council and our Firefighters: they had bbq brisket (delish!!) along with beans, two kinds of potato salad, cole slaw, pasta salad, buns, chips and music! It was fun. Today will be baby back ribs, corn, and something else...haven't decided yet. Maybe taters on the grill in foil for DH.

stellajean66 07-16-2018 06:13 AM

Dinner will be out tonight.

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