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futureteacher 06-07-2005 05:36 AM

Good luck with your procedure!

Dinner tonight will be roasted chicken with cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes on the side.

Have a good Tuesday everyone, and happy eating!

barbszy 06-07-2005 06:07 AM

Good luck to DeBora and Abear on your procedures today :angel:

DH starts school tonight for the summer session (until July 21). So it's me and the kiddos. Dinner tonight will be breakfast! They asked for French toast, on Texas toast of course! I'll also make some Canadian bacon and serve a bowl of grapes and melon.

cat lover 06-07-2005 06:18 AM


Originally posted by debknechtel
Cat Lover......Bear Can Chicken sounds to share the recipe!!!

First I rinsed the whole chicken and removed the inards, and pat dry and put a dry rub on it. You can use whatever dry rub you like; here is the one I used:

1/8 cup salt
1/8 cup sugar
1/8 cup coarse grind black pepper
1/8 cup paprika

Then go light the grill on high only on one side with the lid closed to preheat it. Then open a 12 oz. can of beer and pour (or drink it) half out and add 2 tbsp. liquid smoke. Put the chicken over the can of beer and put a small peeled whole onion over the neck cavity of the chicken, this helps retain the vapors. Place the chicken sitting on the beer can into a 8X8 pan to catch the juices and prevent flareups. Place this on the UNLIT side of the grill and close the lid for 1 hour without peeking. Check on it and turn the grill down slightly and continue to cook about another hour or till skin is very dark brown and crisp; with a meat thermometer the temp should be 180 degrees in the thigh.


Originally posted by Abear
cat lover - a lot of people around here make Beer Can Chicken but I've never tried it because I can't stand the taste of beer! Does the chicken pick up any of the flavor of beer??

I didn't taste the beer at all, I think it kept the chicken moist and the onion in the neck helped contain the flavors without a actual beer taste. It may be that I add the liquid smoke I really don't know, but it was really good! We don't eat the skin because of the high fat content, but it sure looked tempting!

I also know some people that have used can cola, or root beer. I would think a un cola (sprite or 7-UP) would work also. They didn't use a liquid smoke in theirs with the soft drink instead of the beer.


[Recipe correction made by moderator, 6/07/05 5:24 pm]

debknechtel 06-07-2005 09:29 AM

Catlover, looks very interesting...not at all what I was thinking.....but sounds yummy. Will have to look for liquid smoke at my supermarket.

Tonight will be leftovers as we have a very busy night with weapons class grading and piano recital.I alos have to pack the kids bags for Wissconsin and the cleaning lady comes tonight!!!!

Hugs Debbie

jjoj 06-07-2005 09:39 AM

Hello, everyone! For supper tonight, we are having bbq chicken- grilled, salad and noodles. Take care!

stellajean66 06-07-2005 09:40 AM

Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing good today.

It is sooooooooooooooo HOT and MUGGY is 88 degrees but with the humidity it feels like 98!!! YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!

Dinner tonight is cheeseburger pie, glazed carrots, and cucumber salad. And ice cream for dessert.

Have a good afternoon!!!


lghtheart4 06-07-2005 09:54 AM

hi stella...i can just imagine that FL heat!! does it cool down at night? i was wondering how you make your cucumber salad?

we just had pancakes for lunch so dinner will be a kind of do it your self style. i have been having a fruit craving lately so i may cut some apples up and have with sweet cream cheese dip or maybe i'll make a smoothie. i enjoy them in the summer.

happy day


stellajean66 06-07-2005 10:37 AM

Hi Elaine,

Yes, it is horribly hot here, and will just get worse. And no, it does NOT cool down here at night. Our air conditioner runs overtime!!! LOL My hubby works outside in the heat all day, so we like it cool. During the day it stays around 70 degrees in here, and at night I like to keep it at 68 degrees. Everyone says it is a meatlocker in here!!! LOL We like it cool, and have the HIGH electric bills to prove it!!! LOL

When I make a cucumber salad, I just chop up 2 cucumbers, one green onion, sometimes I will use a yellow onion. Put it in a bowl with enough sour cream to have it wet. And I add salt, pepper, and a little dried dill. My family loves it, this is the one salad I can ALWAYS get my 13 year old son to eat, since he thinks veggies are evil!!!! LOL

Have a great day!!!

lghtheart4 06-07-2005 11:03 AM

Hi Connie...:wigg:

Is your husband used to working in that heat? I'd have it cooled down inside also!

Thank you soo much for the cucumber salad recipe!! That sounds very cool and refreshing. I'm going to make it soon. Gotta get to the store for some cucumbers and sour cream...8-)

Well, enjoy the sunshine and stay cool!!


Abear 06-07-2005 11:12 AM

Had my CAT Scan........was scheduled for 8:00, so they wanted me there no later than 7:15 so I could get registered and then they could do some renal blood tests before the scan. The lab's machinery went down so I didn't get to get my scan started until a few minutes before 10:00 !!! :ugh: Since my doctor is out of town, I won't get my results until Monday or Tuesday of next week.


Originally posted by stellajean66
During the day it stays around 70 degrees in here, and at night I like to keep it at 68 degrees.
Oh Connie, y'all wouldn't survive in our house!! ROFLMAO During the day, I have the A/C set on 80. If we are going to be gone all day, I have been known to cut it up to 82-84!! At night, it goes down to 75 when DH is home. I've just started cutting it down to only 77 when DH is not here and no one has complained....yet! We do have ceiling fans in every room of the house except the bathrooms & dining room.

laceykat - can you post the recipe for your Chicken Supreme?

bensmom526 - your sweet & sour chicken may not have been as tangy but at least it was healthier. ;) I've never seen Entenmanns Tres Leche cake around here. Think I'll look a little closer next time I go to the grocery store.......but I WON'T buy any!! I am doing too well on my "diet" to do that!

cat lover - so you pour ALL of the beer out and just use the can?! Around here, they leave beer in the can! Not sure if they pour some out and add anything to it for extra flavoring....... :confus:

Well, the hospital said I am to do NOTHING but veg-out for the rest of the day, stay indoors to keep from getting over heated...and drink 10 ounces of water PER HOUR until 11:00 pm!! I might as well grab a gallon of water and plan to spend the rest of the day in the bathroom! ::-):: The tech even walked me out and told DH that he either had to cook tonight or take me out to eat!

Since I would rather stay home so I can stick to my diet without temptation, DH said he will grill some steaks if it isn't raining and we'll have steak idea what he will do if it is raining. :confus: I say he could grill under the car port but he doesn't like to do that! :rolleyes:

Well, I am off to drink more water.........

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