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asp123us 06-29-2005 03:54 PM


Dh and dd went to the Boy Scout camp potluck for families tonight. I went clean, dry clothes for ds. I am having dh bring back any dirty, wet clothes he can find, so I can wash and have ready when he gets home. I will send another clean, dry set on Friday when dh returns for another night of volunteer camp person for the boys.

Dh wanted baked beans with hotdogs to take!:lol: He got them!

I will have whatever is in the cupboards.

Have a great evening everyone!



RobertaD 06-29-2005 04:18 PM

Today was leftover day cleaned out the refrigerator for lunch & dinner. Will have to cook tomorrow.


DeBora4BobbyL 06-29-2005 05:11 PM

Just got home from Texas. We had trouble with the truck and a blow-out on the trailer. DH and our neighbor went to fix the flat at about 40 miles out. I had to get the brisket started smoking so that it will be done before 1 or 2 AM. That is what we were going to have when we got the call. So, tonight I am BBQing brisket. We'll probably have leftover steak quesadillas IF we ever get home and relaxed! LOL

Sueanne 06-29-2005 06:58 PM

Made a sirloin steak in my old cast iron fry pan. My Dad always made it this way and it was very good. I always coat it with flavored bread crumbs. Don't grease the pan just keep turning for a beautiful color. Use my fork thermometer to check for doneness. Don't want it to over cook.
I try to eat only a piece like a deck of cards. Will have the rest for lunch tomorrow. Filling up on vegetables helps keep the weight down.

Always enjoy stir fry vegetables on the side. It is a combination of all different vegetables. Been on a savoy cabbage kick lately added some cut up in my salad. Gave it a crunch like celery that it needed. Added it to leftover chicken last night with peppers and onion. Even dh liked the change.

Nothing like Georgia peaches for dessert.

futureteacher 06-30-2005 05:46 AM

Dinner tonight will be buffalo chicken wings, pasta salad and sliced tomatoes. We had storms all around us last night, but only wind and lightning/thunder where I live. It did FINALLY rain on my way to work and there is a chance of a little rain yet this morning--I sure hope we get it! The farmers' crops are in desperate need right now! They're saying that without rain, the corn won't pollinate, which means no corn! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Have a good Thursday!

martiehawk 06-30-2005 08:03 AM

Chris, that dinner sounds really good. I think tonight is frozen pizza here. The girls and I were invited to go swimming and so I know I'll be really tired. LOL! If I had some wings, I'd put them in the crockpot with some bbq sauce and we'd have that too. :rednose:

DeBora4BobbyL 06-30-2005 09:03 AM

Tonight we are having brisket (I smoked it until 1:30AM because we got home so late and it would go bad if I didn't) pinto beans, baked beans, and potato salad.

jjoj 06-30-2005 09:39 AM

Mmm, that sounds delicious, DeBora.:-P:: Tonight, we are having leftovers from yesterday. I am very happy that I don't have to cook.:jump2: Take care and stay cool!

barbszy 06-30-2005 10:15 AM

Tonight's dinner will be homemade stuffed-crust pizza. It's an experiment. The kids are happy to even think about it! I told them if it doesn't work, we're having cereal.

melly 06-30-2005 10:43 AM

For dinner tonight we will be having Mexican food. Right now I am making an Enchilada Casserole for tonight. DD does not like it so she can have tacos. I am serving everything with rice.

Have a nice day everyone.:wave2:


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