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stellajean66 06-07-2005 11:23 AM

I am back.............LOL

Yes, Elaine, my hubby is definitely used to the heat. He has been at his job for 23 years. He does come home dog tired though, the heat just saps you of energy!!! You would think that being born and bred a Floridian, I could adapt to the heat, but I HATE it!!!! I much prefer being a popsicle!!! ROFLMAO

And Abear,

I would come and visit you, just couldn't stay the night!!!ROFLMAO

Most of my family keeps their houses at your temperature, but my brother keeps his house like mine!!! I always have company, so I keep extra afghans for people, if they need it!!! LOL

sandieluvsbears 06-07-2005 12:06 PM

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Hi all, Well we have you weather today Connie its 90 degrees and HUMID and I hate HUMID!!! Im so glad dh put the A/C in over the weekend, I have it at 64 right now but when he comes home it will go up some, we dont agree on it either! Tonight Im having chicken on the grill, tossed salad and potatoes sliced thin with onion, butter, garlic pepper, and seasoned salt, just wrap them up tight in the foil (also add 1/4 cup of water, and cook in oven at 350 for about 45 min., you can do this on the grill too, but I findit easier in the oven and just keep them warm on the top part of the grill. Will have to try that cucumber salad I love cucumbers.Im leaving tomorrow to go to Cape Cod and stay with a friend I went to school with, dh is coming down Friday, its also my class reunion, they are having a clambake, Fri night, a brunch on Sat, and Sat night is a dance and a meet and greet thing, another brunch Sunday and not too sure what else, Im dying to get to the ocean, we didnt go down last year or the year before, for that matter now that I think about it, its been about 4 years since we went down there. I also have an aunt and uncle I want to visit, will probably do that Thursday, as they are both retired and said they wanted me to spend a night with them. Well have a good night all
Hugs Sandie

cat lover 06-07-2005 01:16 PM


Originally posted by debknechtel
Catlover, looks very interesting...not at all what I was thinking.....but sounds yummy. Will have to look for liquid smoke at my supermarket.

Originally posted by Abear
cat lover - so you pour ALL of the beer out and just use the can?! Around here, they leave beer in the can! Not sure if they pour some out and add anything to it for extra flavoring....... :confus:

:eek: :o Sorry I messed up! You only pour out 1/2 of the beer! Hope everybody sees this that likes the recipe! SO SORRY!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention Abear!


cat lover 06-07-2005 01:26 PM

Forgot to post supper tonight! Going to fix a ham and swiss skillet. Haven't had it before so if it turns out good I'll post the recipe. Will have tropical fruit salad with it. Might be enough of a good banana pudding recipe I made yesterday for dessert. If not we will have some type of smoothie with strawberries in it. I have some that need to be used up! So we might have those anyway!

All the talk about AC... never thought I could live without it, but we are doing fine. Right now the temp is 92 degrees outside , but with the windows and patio doors open 24/7 and the ceiling fans on we do fine. It really paid to have the log home built tucked back in the woods and then we had R33 insulation put in the roof which is all catherdal type ceilings inside. We even have to use blankets at night. Luckily out here in the woods there isn't any air polution so that makes the difference. When we go to the city I always have to put the AC on in the truck or my asthma acts up. So everybody thought we were crazy when we sadi no AC in the house! I love having the house open and really love the $50 utility bill per month!:clapp:

Have a good evening!


Abear 06-07-2005 03:31 PM


Originally posted by cat lover
You only pour out 1/2 of the beer! Hope everybody sees this that likes the recipe! SO SORRY!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention Abear!
Just so you know, I went back and corrected the recipe for anyone who sees it from this point....I also printed it out while I was there!! :clapp: :clapp:

I made an "executive decision". DH will not be grilling. He just got home late last night, got up early to go with me for the scan and then went into the office to do paperwork, etc... Since we never know when he'll leave again, I decided to just have him pick up Subway for supper on his way home from the office. I'm having a 6" turkey breast sub on whole wheat with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, black olives and bell pepper. No mustard, mayo or cheese! :)

asp123us 06-07-2005 04:16 PM

Tonight was mac and cheese-homemade with bow tie pasta, peas, and meat of choice from grilled meat last Sat. Ds missed the lasanga last Friday, so he had some of that. He was on a Boy Scout trip for the weekend.

Have a great day!



cat lover 06-07-2005 05:56 PM

^^ Thanks for correcting the recipe Abear and hope you like it!


Sueanne 06-07-2005 07:20 PM

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DS air conditioner broke down last week at the hottest time. Had to replace the whole unit. Doublewides really heat up without air conditioning. Even the portable fan started acting up after a couple of days. Hopefully will save on electric with a new energy saver model.

I usually can get by setting my airconditioner to 76* with ceiling fans running. Have quite a few shade trees that cool the house alot. Does get cooler here at night since we have more rolling hills & lakes.

Got home late so defrosted some hamburger and coated them with flavored bread crumbs. Sauteed some tomatoes & onions. Added the hamburgers were really tastey. Made a salad with peppers & tomatoes from my vegetable garden. Like planting roma tomatoes can be used in cooking or salads.

Called DS up later this evening house was nice and cool. Guess he will be having plenty of visitors looking to cool off.

Abear 06-07-2005 07:32 PM


Originally posted by Sueanne
Like planting roma tomatoes can be used in cooking or salads.

Whenever possible, I only buy roma tomatoes. DD & I prefer them while DH & the two DS could really care less which tomatoes I buy!

Your tomato plants look so lush & full of tomatoes. I really envy your green thumb!

barbszy 06-08-2005 03:49 AM

I set our air to 74. The thermostat is on the lowest level (and we have a 3 level house, half a flight between each) so anything above that and the upstairs is unbearable. There are ceiling fans on the 2 upper levels and they are all going strong. So far this year 74 has worked. DH always likes to keep it so cold I go around the house in sweats. At this level I can still wear short sleeves and be comfortable.

Tonight for dinner we're having FLIPS! Can't wait to try them. Luke is on a broccoli kick again so there will be broccoli on the side for him, and sliced cucumbers for the other kids. DH and I will probably have a salad.

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