What Did You Do Frugal Today??

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  • Here is the third installment of this thread.
  • School Lunches
    There is a thread on here for school lunches, started about 6 weeks ago I think. Just type in school lunches under the search engine and it should bring it up.

    Also, today I may be on and off- we are having severe thunderstorms and we lost power yesterday afternoon and parts of Hilliard where I'm working have no power. Only mentioned this so you'll know I'm not ignoring anyones inquiries just may not be able to get on today.

  • Non-Refrigerator Lunchbox Ideas: http://www.familycorner.com/forums/s...ighlight=lunch

    Is that the one you are thinking of?
  • Shawn, would it be a good idea for one of us to start a thread for lunch box ideas? As to what others, are putting in the lunches, and what they are putting those items in? I think that would be extremely helpful. If there is not already one started.
  • School Lunches
    Thanks Shawn-

    That is the one I was thinking of, alot of good suggestions on that one.

  • Besides the one I noted I know there is a Now that Schools out, Lunch Ideas thread.

    If you are talking about a Lunch Box Ideas for people in school, then I would suggest using the one already craeted above. We can always change the subject.

    Am I understanding you correctly?
  • I got most of my mending done yesterday, but I still have a few things left, so I'll finish it up today.

    I went to the library yesterday, and they were having a book sale. They had gobs of books, but all I bought were 2 Martha Stewart magazines and a Garfield joke book, for 70 cents.


  • I love the library sales, especially when they do the big ones. I've boughten VHS tapes for $1.00 each there. Speaking of which, I went to several thrift stores this weekend and found VHS movies for .90 cents. My mil loves Shirley Temple movies and I found one for her and one for my 3 yr. old nephew who likes car races. This one was drag racing '95 he's too young right now to know it's out of date. My sister says he is mesmerized by them, not one peep while it's on:p . So that'll be a nice little stocking stuffer at Christmas.

  • OSI - they only had a couple of videos, and they were in spanish. Our town has a small pawn shop, and one day I went with dh, they had loads of videos. I might go look for some for Christmas presents!


  • Wow hard to believe we are on #3.
    My frugal thing is to stay home and work on my house and Christmas gifts that I am making for this year.
    I also need to make out Septembers grocery list.
    That one is going to take a few days to do.
    Have a wonderful day all.