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AnnaInOhio 09-13-2017 04:31 PM

What Did You Do Frugal Today~December 2017
For encouragement in frugal ways--large and small--look no further. This is where we share helpful hints for stretching our money, saving time and making sure we don't waste resources.

Remember, "frugal" does not mean "don't spend money!" It means "be wise with what you spend!"

What Did YOU Do Frugal Today?


AnnaInOhio 12-03-2017 04:27 PM

So as I mentioned I got laid off Friday work slowed way down and they took some of my work and gave it to the janitor lady who had been there 10 years (mailing invoices and statements) and my work orders were given to a tech floater who has been there several years. I understand but it was still a bit of a surprise. Fortunately I have been leery from the start when I saw so many names before mine and I started right away putting part of my salary in savings so we will be o.k. and I signed up for unemployment immediately so till I find another job we will be o.k.


LaurieS 12-03-2017 04:27 PM

Anna, So you must be typing.

Were you going to tell us about your daughter? I hope everything is fine with her.

RobertaD 12-03-2017 07:15 PM

I bought 4 English beef roasts on the way home from work today $2.69lb, gave 2 to my sister. I will cook both then freeze one of them for a quick meal later in the month. They also had boneless chicken breast for $1.69lb and I got the last package, about 3lbs I think. I plan on using some this week for fried chicken and I'm thinking about baking some as chunks for a boneless wings for the freezer we like garlic Parm ones.

I am really missing not having the deep freeze running BUT not the frost build up & energy usage.


danstigerangel 12-04-2017 11:54 AM

So I thought I'd drop in and say hello.
Anna I am sure you will find another job. Enjoy the time off.
It's hard to believe it's December. I have my two Mini trees out on the deck. Hubby will bring them in this weekend.
I'm working on using up what's in the freezer and cabinets. Then I will restock. I find it fun to invent dinner from what is on hand.
Our aldi expanded and's a great store. It's about 15 minutes from me but that's not bad.
My usual frugals here. I have been cleaning out my backroom. It's my toy room, sewing room and craft room and I was starting t look like a hoarder. I try to do a bit each day.
Well have a great day.

jeandeanette 12-05-2017 09:00 AM

Hi girls, hope you all are well. We have been getting some rain and we are in for some cold weather and maybe some snow. November was so mild here so the cold is going to be a shock to the body.

Anna, so sorry you got laid off. I'm hoping liking Laurie everything is alright with your dd. Let us know when you can.

Roberta, that's really good prices on those meats.

Lauri, hope your doing good. The closest Aldi's to me is close to two hours away and I wish so much they would put one near us. We just live in too rural a place for anything to want to come where I live. I would go there a lot if we did have one.

Norma, I'm so happy things are going well so far with the move. It's great you have already found a church you like. Maybe some people there could help give you some leads on jobs.

I had a nice but busy weekend with having a get together with my fil's side of the family for a meal Saturday and then having company here on Sunday. I got to spend a lot of time with my boys and dil and really enjoyed seeing family we don't see that often. Tomorrow will be expensive because we have to take our dog to the vet. She has lost control of her bladder and we have done everything we know to do for her. The last few days she has done better but she is still having problems. I'm cooking chicken legs and macaroni for her to eat most days because she had just about stopped eating for awhile. It's probably near the end for her but I want to give her the best life possible while she is still here. It would be hard to imagine life without her. Are you all ready for Christmas? I need to look about one more gift card and need to buy a lot of food. I have mostly things in gift bags or wrapped but I still need to put the treat baskets together. I buy more health and beauty products than I do candy for the treat baskets. My decorating has been done for a little while and I'm really enjoying them. Hope you all have a good day.

crochet2 12-05-2017 11:39 AM

Good afternoon all!!

Anna, you know I am sorry you lost your job. But guess what? I just applied for the same job with a different company here in Jax. And one for an admin-
istrative asst for a nursing home. Hope one of them come through. The job listing at Delta Airlines was only a scam to get your contact information - I was very disappointed.

Jean, glad you have been having some good visiting days. So sorry to hear about your dog - I know you love her very much, and she is such a good companion, especially when your dh has to work at night.

Laurie, decluttering is necessary, but so much harder than putting it there!

Roberta, that is a great price for beef. Chicken breasts often go to that price and $1.99 is the norm across the country I think.

I butterflied some chicken breasts last night, and just had baked potatoes and corn off-the-cob with that. Tonight is leftovers, as we have to go to Mark's gd's soccer party. I made brownies to take, even though we didn't have to bring anything.

Well better get back to it. I have to try to finish the COBRA paperwork and get it into the mail.

Take care all!! Norma

danstigerangel 12-06-2017 01:25 PM

Norma best of luck with the job applications.
Nothing new going on here.
Going for an ultrasound on my thyroid on Friday. The PET scan I had (for my lungs) showed something so now I will get that done. The endo doctor is very nice.
Well that's it for now. Working on next week's grocery list.

RobertaD 12-07-2017 09:37 AM

It is snowing in my part of Ohio, looks like a snow globe.

Yes $1.99 is the normal sale price for chicken breast here too so $1.69 was a great buy.

Gas jumped $.35 overnight.

Squeezed some sample lotion packs into the lotion container and gave it a good shake.


Sueanne 12-07-2017 04:44 PM

Covered my Moringa trees with sheets today in case we get a surprise cold front the next few days. Kept it on last year and it acted like a greenhouse protecting them. Cut back my Guava bush & grape vine to get it ready for next years new growth too. The large Queen size sheet worked fine.
Cut quite a bit of Moringa leaves today to freeze.

Stopped at the local farm stand today bought the last jar of honey till next year.
His fruit & veggies are so good & reasonable gave him a recommendation on our community chat. Here's hoping his business picks up for the New Year.

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