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  • Hope everyone had a nice christmas as we had a white one here lots of snow now we are in the freezer below zero alot so woodstove has been going and going which helps save on the fuel oil.Got a nice roaster chicken for 3.00 it is a good size one and i got some stew meat for 3.00 as well and my one neighbor carol gave me this really nice roaster pan as she very seldom used it and she gave me this big stock pot as it's just her and her husband as their two kids moved away.As far as New Years i don't do much just sit home watch movies munch a bit get tired so i go to bed it may be another year but,the same things still go on out there.Hope you have a nice evening and stay warm & safe.
  • Good afternoon, all!

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I feel like it passed in a blur! I took Paul’s kids to see our local dinner theater’s production of “Elf” on the eve of Christmas Eve. It was a wonderful production, and both kids really enjoyed it. Paul isn’t a big fan of musicals, so he didn’t go—plus it gave him a break AND gave the kids and I a nice bonding opportunity. My brother came home from Florida for the holiday, which was nice. We have a lot going on with our mom, who has been experiencing some health problems, and he has been trying to make it home more regularly.

    They sent us home from work early today, as the roads here are getting hard to travel. It snowed yesterday, and it’s snowing again today. The temps have been frigid, with no relief in the near future, so I was more than happy to head home.

    Norma, I saw you were thinking of applying at Aldi’s. As far as retail goes, they are one that tends to pay well, from what I understand. Thinking good thoughts for you there and praying that just the right job turns up for you! I hope you are enjoying Florida so far!

    Glad to hear you are loving your new job. Seems like this is a good fit for you.

    Gregg has been making such amazing progress! He is so fortunate to have had you there to help him through this process. You are truly such an amazing woman.

    You always do such a fantastic job with your deals! I always enjoy reading about them!

    Your Christmas sounds like it was really lovely! Glad you were able to send the kids home with leftovers. It’s always nice to be able to enjoy that home cooking later!

    Paul and I have a couple of house parties we will be stopping at and then heading home. Our days of staying out late and being crazy are long over, lol!

    How nice of your neighbor to share that roaster pan with you!

    I always enjoy seeing the produce pics yous post!

    Your strength is inspiring. You have so much going on in your life right now between your sister and your friend. I’m thinking good thoughts for you and keeping your loved ones in my prayers.

    The snow is continuing to fall here. I’ll be finishing up a few work projects from the warm comfort of my couch here in a bit.
    Frugal here…I picked up a few deals at the after Christmas sales: wrapping paper, Christmas cards, etc. I also bought a half price deal for one of Paul’s and my favorite restaurants. We’ve been finishing up the holiday leftovers for lunches (and a bit for breakfast—ham and eggs is a pretty nice way to start the day)! I’ve continued to get my book club selections from the library whenever possible, and I’ve been redeeming my fuelsaver cents off per gallon that I earn at the grocery store too. And of course, shopping largely at Aldi’s whenever possible.
    I’ve continued to do my freelance writing for the healthy living magazine published by the newspaper I used to work for—it’s not a lot of pay, but it’s something, and every little bit counts.

    That’s about it for now—have a great weekend all, and if I don’t talk to you all before, have a happy New Year!!

  • Good afternoon all!!

    Meadow, those are amazing gifts from your neighbor. Not too shabby on the Not too shabby on the roasting chicken and stew meat either.

    Chris, glad you are still enjoying your "new-to-you" job. Makes all the difference in the world.

    Yes, I saw that each state is having different dates on which they are holding their job fairs. Mine is 1/11.

    Have a phone interview at 9 on Tuesday for a different pest control company (Anna, this is the 2nd one). So each time I have spoken with the guy or called and left a message, I have been using my very best "customer service" voice. The other company that seemed interested, sent me an email saying they would contact me on Friday, never did. So I emailed the woman Friday afternoon. That's about all I can do there. But if I don't have a job by 1/11 I will definitely be heading out to Aldi's.

    And I understand the Costco that will be opening in the "spring" (according to the signs outside of it, will actually be opening in February. That is literally 6 minutes from my brother's house. There might be a job there also.

    I have just completed a little retail therapy. Yesterday I went to Walmart and picked up a pair of sweat pants and a pair of pj's. I have nightgowns, but they seem either a little immodest in front of my brother (they aren't really, just how I feel), or are not quite warm enough. Not that he keeps the heat down or anything, just me. I can put the sweat pants under the gowns, and I should be fairly warm enough.

    Today, I want to Amazon.com and ordered a device that holds up to 100 gel caps for filling at a time, and the LDS Preparedness book.

    The LDS Preparedness book is part "prepper". We all know that things can happen and that is why we are already frugal-minded. But this book is supposed to help you know how much you need per person for a whole year.
    It always helps to have a written source to turn to in case you can't get on line to google something, or youtube is turned off.

    Once I get my own place (after I get a job), I want to start rebuilding my pantry, and to make sure i have all kinds of items that I let run down a bit - down to 30 rolls of tp right now. After having a few hundred rolls, this seems downright puny.

    I didn't leave my old mindset when I left NJ. I will need every bit of grit and determination I have to get ahead here, but I am going to thrive where planted.

    Better go for now!

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  • Happy New Year to all.
  • Norma

    I hope you get the pest control job.. I liked what I was doing just not the snarky people I was working with and the foul language. It truly was a blessing getting laid off from there as I posted $1.50 more a hour with the new job and no weekend working though they are open on Saturdays if you need to catch up on work just not open to the public. My new co workers are so much nicer and helpful.

    Costco.. something to think about they do food demos here it's $12 a hour though it's not 40 hour work week but something to supplement till you can find what you need. And they do not age discriminate I had a 70 something customer that worked there when I was in the candy store. I pray that you will find something soon.

    Chris.. glad to hear you are enjoying your new job so much too.

    Connie.. I haven't kept up with your FB page, I don't get notices on your posts I had heard that Greg was sick but not all the details. Glad to hear he is doing better.

    I got new kitchen gadgets for Christmas.. a new crock pot we'll be using tomorrow to make a ham. A Ninja blender haven't had time to get enough fruit or veggies to try it yet but super excited to have it especially for making milkshakes. Wrong time of year for too many of those but I had been using a old thrift store one that didn't do a very good job. He also bought me a electric apple slicer also does potatoes and a electric knife. The knife someone was telling me is great for cutting the outside off of pineapples so hopefully will make my prepping for canning pineapples go easier.

    We have been truly blessed in so many ways this year even with the ups and downs of 3 jobs this year.. quitting Anthony Thomas in June and then the pest control and now property management.

    Blessings to all of you my old friends I love each of you so very much.

    Happy New Years.

  • Happy New Years Lauri
  • Jeannette

    We will hopefully start taking our tree down tomorrow.. always makes me sad it's so beautiful. And so glad that your family was able to make it home for the holidays.

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