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Old 12-15-2017, 01:08 PM
futureteacher's Avatar
Nine Year Member
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Join Date: Feb 2005
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Hello all!! It's been so very long since I've checked in with you all, but I have been thinking of my FC friends. I've been very busy--in a good way--with my new job. It's fun, and challenging, and exciting...and it was truly meant to be! Working at an advertising agency is quite different than working at a newspaper, but after 21 years, it was time for a change, and I'm so very glad I took the chance!

We had our yearly girlfriends Christmas party a couple of weeks ago. It was my turn to host. This was year 24! It was the usual magical chaos that it typically is I'm always a little sad when it's over, but it's wonderful knowing there is always next year!

Paul and I are working on doing a little home remodeling. We just replaced our kitchen flooring and had the hardwood floors in our living and dining room refinished. Slowly but surely we'll get it all done

There's so much more I'd love to catch up on, but I mostly just wanted to pop in and let you all know you've been in my thoughts and that I wish you all a very merry Christmas! Hugs to all!!
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Old 12-15-2017, 07:45 PM
jeandeanette's Avatar
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Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 3,235
Hi everyone.

Chris, congrats on the new job. I was thinking about you a few days ago and was glad to see you had posted.

Anna, congrats on your new job and I'm glad it's going well so far. I hope it will last until you retire. How are things with your church going?

Sueanne, when will you get the results from the cyst? Hope all turns out well and that things go well for your ds.

Ellen, you do so many frugal things your dh should be thankful for all you do. We all misplace things and sometimes have to spend where we don't won't to but we're just human. I do understand though because I even feel guilty about my many doctor and medical bills even though I know I surely didn't want to need them.

Norma, I hope just the right job comes along soon. Just like the sale of the house taking a while I'm sure there is a reason for the wait.

Lauri, I hope everything will be good for you with your thyroid situation. Take care of yourself.

Roberta, is your grandson getting excited about Santa?

Not much frugal for me. Got my electric bill today and it went up by almost 70 dollars from last month. I guess my biggest frugals have been most days staying home and eating leftovers. Today I had to run to the bank and pharmacy and then this evening dh and I rode around to look at Christmas lights. Doesn't seem like there's many but still we saw some pretty ones. I always like to go out one night before Christmas just to see the lights. I'm enjoying my tree lights and decorations. Well have a good night and stay warm.
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Old 12-16-2017, 02:16 AM
RobertaD's Avatar
Nine Year Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Ohio
Posts: 16,481
Ellen I think getting the key fob for 1/2 off was a good deal with a bonus of a spare for FREE. I know many years ago DH's fob broke at the ring part and it was $80 for a new one. I just gave him mine and put his in my purse for when I drove his car till it didn't work at all.

Jean Hunter HATES Santa, LOL. DD1 had to take down a Santa decoration that was her grandmothers so he would go near the tree last night. He was very emotional last night and wouldn't let Mommy out of his sight. It was great to see him.

Good to hear from you Chris.

I need to grab my lunch and get out the door for my 12 hr shift.

use code TAKE10 for 10% off your first direct delivery order in 2019 with me!
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Old 12-16-2017, 05:16 AM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054
Good morning all!!

Ellen, it is fortunate that you posted about selling plasma. I am thinking about it. Please let us know what the pros and cons are.

Chris, so nice that your "gang" can still get together each year, catch up, and have a great time.

Glad to hear that you and Paul are moving forward with your relationship. It is so difficult to find someone in your life who is truly "heart-matched" with you.

Jean, those bills are certainly challenging this time of year, when all the other expenses of the season are jumping on you at the same time.

Roberta - have a great day!

Hunter will get over the fear of Santa. It seems like all children go through that at about that age. And kids get very clingy from time to time, part of the growing up process.

Sueanne, sorry to hear that your ds has to jump through so many hoops to get a replacement prosthesis. Our bodies change over time, and I think 7 years is a long time to go with the same one, myself.

Glad you were able to get so many moringa leaves saved.

I was watching a youtube video the other day where there is a farm in Bradenton FL that grows all kinds of fruit mainly (bananas are in between the persimmon, mangoes, berries, etc. as shade) and they were extolling the benefits of moringa too. He had a few trees. This was laid out so nicely, and was right on the bay.

Well, I better go for now. Mark and I are going out to some shops. He needs a few extra gifts, and I want to go!

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 12-16-2017, 06:26 AM
danstigerangel's Avatar
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Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: somewhere out there
Posts: 28,957
Hello friends!
I got the results back from the ultra sound and there is a nodule but the doctor feels that she wants to monitor it. So that is good news. Now I am waiting to find out what she is going to put me on for the thyroid disorder.
Chris it was so nice to see you post. I missed posting on this thread. I think you are the only ones who understand my frugalness. lol
Norma sounds like you are settling in nicely.
Roberta I love that age! It is so magical for them. Enjoy! Mine are getting so big...., 8 and 10!
Anna glad to hear you like your new job.
I posted a few days back that I had somehow won a $5 gift card for Albertsons, SAFEWAY, VONS, CARRS< Tom Thumb....We dont have any of those here. If anyone wants it I will gladly mail it to you.
Well my fridge and freezer are loaded. That is such a great feeling. Time for me to do some baking.

Proud Granny of Maddox Timothy Joseph and Saorla Laurie Elizabeth and Graham Michael Eric!

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.
Beverly Sills
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Old 12-16-2017, 04:49 PM
Sueanne's Avatar
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: florida
Posts: 7,300

Got the results back from the cyst glad everything was okay. It was an easy removal. Made him explain the procedure before he started since the old way was horrid. He laughed an said, "you are right to the point." Said He was from N.Y. too. Kept my self relaxed and eyes shut as He used the machine to direct him. Surprised had no pain removal of a mole hurt more even to heal..

Still waiting if the dr. signed the papers for what ds. needs that they faxed to him a week ago. Guess no news is good news will wait and see. Medicare is very careful with drs. these days. I agree but problems can arise while you wait. Letting the company handle everything this time explaining to drs. makes confusion & hard feelings.

"The only reason why people hold on to memories is because memories are the only things that don't change when everything else does."

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Old 12-19-2017, 05:10 AM
ellenmelon's Avatar
Nine Year Member
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 10,509
Wow Ladies! it is almost here, the holidays! if you are like me, your days are still filled with all the ordinary stuff we handle as well as the extras, good thing January is nice and quiet so we can recover, right?

Plasma donation - helps those who need immune online for plasmaphoresis or plasma donation...there are many donation sites (in addition to the Red Cross). the Red Cross is a true donation, the others are facilities also tightly regulated, but the donors get paid for their time and donation.

I can go twice in a 7-day period. There is always a screen in, sometimes you can get 'deferred' for things like too low a body temp, too high a lipid profile, blood pressure out of it is not money to depend on, but definitely helps with the grocery and other flexible expenses.

I know you have to keep up your liquids as they take up to 880 milliliters (almost a liter) of plasma, and while they do give back your red cells and a sack of saline, you can get dehydrated which will make the needle stick more difficult.

The first couple visits are intakes while they screen you for accessible veins, medical history, medications, etc and take blood samples, and do a quick thump and bump physical exam. Let them decide if you can or cannot donate. I had non invasive cancer twenty years ago, and with a letter from my oncologist, they allowed me to donate.

Here is a link to get you started: Plasma Donation - Donating Plasma

Sueanne, glad things were straightforward and the healing was simple.
Laur, glad you are only being monitored and nothing more!
Roberta, I knew of one little boy who was creeped out by the idea of a strange man coming down the chimney, the mom made a key spare and "gave" it to the mall santa so the boy would know it was all right for this santa to come in the house.
Jean, your words helped me feel better, thanks! I too like driving around to see the lights, in recent years, not so many but hopefully with LED lighting being economically electrically we will begin to see more.
Chris! so great to hear from you, like Norma I was hoping to be able to say Merry Christmas! So glad to hear all is well with work and home.

My friend with the colon cancer is in hospice, I will sit with her today while the husband and daughter look at funeral plots, such a sad time, but that said, I am not especially angry or anything (well I am at cancer because it is so ugly) but I am accepting of her passing, that she won't be in pain anymore, and will be reunited with those who have gone before us (like her mom and dad). We will miss her here though, that is for sure!

My sister is out of the hospital and awaiting the next step in her chemotherapy. Wait wait wait....that is what being sick is, waiting.

My most recent angst is with my other sister and her travelling family who just simply do not understand that you don't invite yourself over to the sick person's house for an overnight, especially if the hostess just got out of the hospital, is working with a cast on her leg, cannot do steps, must deal with 1.5 baths only, and it goes on and just does not have guests in overnight when one's immune system is so challenged. Ah well, that is the cancer sister's call, but I think it is courting a germological disaster (bathroom sharing, food sharing, nose blowing, teeth brushing, etc - a house that only has a bath and no shower) and unnecessary among other descriptive negative words for them. Must be the holidays, family and fun and all that other stuff too. Big Sigh, Big Frustration.
Ellen in PA

"God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of love, power, and a sound mind."

Last edited by ellenmelon; 12-19-2017 at 05:20 AM.
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Old 12-19-2017, 04:48 PM
Sueanne's Avatar
Nine Year Member
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: florida
Posts: 7,300

Shopped at Publix today had loads of b1g1 sales saved $83.23. Like the Celentano brand frozen meatballs in different varieties for a fast meal.
Also got a 12 pound turkey for Sunday. Their canned tomato products were b1g1. Their vegetables were on sale too. Like buying extra of the products I use when on sale to keep ahead.
"The only reason why people hold on to memories is because memories are the only things that don't change when everything else does."

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Old 12-20-2017, 11:33 AM
Sueanne's Avatar
Nine Year Member
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: florida
Posts: 7,300
Chicken salad from leftover chicken

Made a delicious chicken salad from the leftover roasting chicken the other day. Like to adding bok choy for the added crunch it gives the salad. Use lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & olives too.
"The only reason why people hold on to memories is because memories are the only things that don't change when everything else does."

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Old 12-20-2017, 11:40 AM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054
Good afternoon all!!

Just got back from an interview with a temp agency. If the person who was asked for an assignment tomorrow and Friday, had not been able to change a doctor appt., I would have been employed for 2 days. And for $14 hr.

My vehicle is a little wonky though. Has already been to the shop, and will go back tonight. The check engine light comes on, and then the vehicle seems to "cough", and not get either some air or some fuel. I took my foot off the brake, let it coast for a few seconds (not losing too much speed), and was then able to put my foot on the gas again. Happened on a 65 mph highway/bridge today. Last time (when we put it in the shop originally), I was just making a left hand turn.

And just for laughs (yours apparently, lol), I went over the bridge to the appt., then came back over the bridge, and listened to the gps which sent me back over the bridge again, and then again, on the right way home. I wouldn't have been miffed except that I was scared the vehicle would stop dead in the middle of the bridge. Prayer is a wonderful thing at those times. I just laughed at the misdirection though. I am getting a better hang of this gps though.

Sueanne, Winn Dixie is having a sale on a ham Friday, Saturday and Sunday (while supplies last I gather). You buy and additional $30 worth of groceries and get a ham for $5 - no limit on size and can be either butt or shank.

Ellen, so sorry that your family members aren't thinking of anyone but themselves. The least they could do, is to stay in a motel, even if they feel the urge to invade an ill person's home to visit.

I am also so sorry that your friend is on her way to heaven. It is the most difficult time of the year to lose a beloved friend. My prayers are with her family and of course, you. The living are the ones who have to find a way to deal with lose.

Thanks for the information on the plasma donations. I have an advertisement in front of me regarding this very thing. I needed to have a little information before I blindly called them.

Well, better go for now. I need a nap.

Take care all!! Norma
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