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AnnaInOhio 01-29-2017 06:40 PM

What Did You Do Frugal Today~March 2017
For encouragement in frugal ways--large and small--look no further. This is where we share helpful hints for stretching our money, saving time and making sure we don't waste resources.

Remember, "frugal" does not mean "don't spend money!" It means "be wise with what you spend!"

What Did YOU Do Frugal Today?


crochet2 03-01-2017 02:03 AM

Good morning all!!

A new month. I can't believe I am still in NJ on this March 1st.

My friend Elvia had a heart biopsy yesterday. She is doing well, and hopefully the doctors will be able to determine what is wrong with her liver because of this biopsy. In my heart, I think they don't know, so they are just passing her off, one to another, to placate her, and to make as much money from her insurance as possible. I just pray that God will heal her and get her away from all this.

My co-worker who had her knee replaced on Friday is having all kinds of severe reactions to the pain meds, and getting the anesthesia out of her system. She said her pain level is astronomical, and her knee is really swollen. We are praying for less swelling, more control of the pain, and less meds to do the job.

I am having one of the women from church come and help me wash the kitchen ceiling. Cathy does cleaning for a living, and I would rather give her my money than someone I don't know. And I know what her circumstances are, and that she needs the money and is responsible with her money.

All meals are from home.

I just realized that going away to NH to our church's retreat is only 8 weeks away. Saving each week to be able to afford to go away is a great big frugal.

Better go for now. Time to get ready to go to work.

Take care all!! Norma

Sueanne 03-01-2017 12:50 PM

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Beautiful day today hit 84* and sunny. Ds bought Me this cute Ginger Bread House floral arrangement from Goodwill today. He also bought a load of white tee shirts like new for $1.69 each that were expensive brands. The tank tops were 89 cents. Also found a large fish tank with everything inside including the pump for $6.99 for his girlfriend's grandchildren. They were thrilled.

RobertaD 03-01-2017 07:45 PM

That is really cute Sueanne, great deals your DS found.

Not frugal is I have 2 missing pay checks from the cleaning company that haven't made it in the mail. Last weeks which I should have received already and the week before.


crochet2 03-02-2017 02:35 AM

Good morning all!!

My computer is terribly slow this morning. I am thinking it must be the wind, as the whole region is having some problems.

Sueanne, sounds like great deals your son found. He did good.

Roberta, make sure you are on it, I know you can't stand the loss of a paycheck, let alone 2.

Not a lot going on here. All meals have been from home. Yesterday, Alice texted in asking one of us to eat the rest of her salad from the day before. They had gotten a soup-salad-roll combo for $8 from the local luncheonette. This is the place I had gotten the delicious potato bacon soup from. I texted her to thank her for the salad, it was delicious, even the 2nd day.

I had just a bowl of stew for dinner with a roll.

Better go for now, and get ready for work.

Take care all!! Norma

ellenmelon 03-02-2017 04:08 AM

My frugals this week are to continue to pack lunch from home, breakfast too. Made that roasted cauliflower last night, frugal was picking out all the gnats that had worked their way under the cello wrapping, but after a good rinse and look over, pieces into the pan, drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper, then into a 400F oven for a bit (not sure how long)...dh still down with stomach flu so we made some waffles from the freezer that I made up months ago, and some scrambled eggs.

Still eating veggies but some hard candies have worked their way into my diet, now how did that happen :ideas:

Anyways, feel better than a month ago...not sure if pounds lost though.

Sueanne, I am delighted to hear that ds has a gf...he really looks like a nice fellow and lucky are those children to have him to think of them, too!

Norma, I like a salad, even the day after also, nice to have a good one, too!

Roberta, sheesh! I hope those paychecks show up soon!

RobertaD 03-02-2017 07:30 AM

What really hurts is the check from 2 weeks (thought it was just late because of the holiday) had paperwork that I needed for my SNAP renewal which is now late and caused a hold on my account so I won't get a full deposit for March. Now Friday the 3rd check will go in the mail. If I don't get them today she will replaced the other 2 checks and put all 3 in the mail together.

I redeemed $5 surprise points & $35 in points at Sears on a $52 order. Yes, more socks but a pair of jeans & coral top too. Found 3 pair of cat socks that I'm putting in the auction tonight for Purrs. They were half price and I couldn't resist they are so darn cute.

I will be at Pennys next week redeeming the $10 off $10+ purchase that they mailed me.


AnnaInOhio 03-02-2017 07:46 AM

Yogurt Drops
Just found this recipe and thought you all would be interested in it. I personally like Greek Yogurt now days being lactose intolerant I was having issues with plain yogurt but the Greek for some reason doesn't bother me. Anyways.. this is for dehydrating and sounds like a really great healthy snack for young and old alike.



Yogurt Drops Recipe ? 21st Century Simple Living

cau 03-02-2017 12:11 PM

hi all, still having problem with my arm

RobertaD 03-02-2017 08:21 PM

That was really interesting Anna. Would be a great way to take advantage of clearanced yogurt. I wonder if you could mix them into a trail mix to add protein and dairy to the nuts, seeds, dried fruit.


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