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Old 01-16-2017, 04:15 AM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054
Good morning all!!

Jean, those planned leftovers really help stretch the budget don't they?

Pot pie really sounds good to me. Ham and mac salad just never seems to be something I put together. I seldom eat macaroni salad unless it is out somewhere, not sure why I don't make it anymore.

Colleen, this sounds like a great service for you. I know Anna is enjoying it. She is ordering and then picking up on her way home from work. I will never say I won't do this, but for now, I still enjoy going grocery shopping.

Sueanne, I have heard of those red figs with the green outside, but I didn't know the variety. The pitchfork I had was the kind with the round blades. It worked wonderfully for getting into and around the roots of the asparagus that I grew until the man next door thought he was doing me a favor and mowed it down when it was in the "ferning" stage. It also helped loosen the soil after a long winter to be able to turn the soil before planting. I was using a "double dig" method. You loosen and "dig up about 6" of soil down a row, and then go back in that same row and loosen the next 6" also. Put the soil amendments in there, put the 6" of what was on top back in, and turn it all again. It takes a long time to do, but you have the lightest, fluffiest soil making it easier for tender roots to grow strong.

Roberta, it is frustrating when others aren't as careful with leftover coupons as we would hope. I agree about the coupons having the higher values if you print them. That helps, but I am telling you, since I have been shopping the store's perimeter, other than sausage, and Nexium, there really aren't too many coupons I use. I use the vitamin coupons yearly to put with BJ's to increase my savings.

They are closing the KMart nearest to me. The only about 30 minutes away will continue to be open, but I normally only get out that way a couple times a year when I visit Big Lots.

Thank you for putting up the new contest page link for us here too. Sometimes I forget about it and I am sure others do too.

I got some great deals at the grocery store yesterday. I got a huge loaf of pumpernickel bread for $1.99 - fresh baked, 30 oz. loaf. It is round, and I have to slice it myself, but it is so good.

I got Perdue chicken leg 1/4s for $.59 lb. There were 5 in package I got. I put some of them in the freezer for another use.

I got a package of pork neck bones for $2.90. I will use it to make more pork and hominy stew next weekend. I never would have thought to order them if I had been using that service, and don't know that they are a regular item at the store.

I got a huge package of sliced ham for $1.53. This was over a lb. It was from the deli where they take orders, and someone just didn't pick up their order. So they put the package (drastically marked down) in the meat ends section.

I also went to a different grocery store and got their Sunday special of $.14 freshly baked rolls (Kaisers and small sub rolls). The ham on one of those rolls, and some cheese made the most delicious sandwich after church and shopping yesterday.

Then I took three of those chicken leg 1/4s and put them in some chicken broth, an onion, some shredded carrots, and cooked them down. Shredded the chicken, and put in a bag of wide egg noodles.

Just as I was taking my 3rd bite for dinner, Big Elwood called and asked if I wanted to join them for dinner - they had made ribs. So I put my dinner away, and went out there for some good company, and a good dinner. We had a nice time. Jayden give me big hugs and kisses. This is new for me from him. He has usually been really shy. He even treated me to an impromptu recital on his xylophone. He also put his red sunglasses on upside down for me during this. He was really having fun. Their small dog Sparky got right up in my lap and just wanted to stay. Such love, such love from the two of them.

I finished the 10th hat for that young lady in Ohio who is giving hats to vets. She is 15, is homeschooled, has a part-time job, helps with the other kids in her family (there are 7 kids altogether), has her own youtube channel (Living Like Clare) and has a heart to thank veterans in this way. I wanted to get the hats into the mail today, but the post office is closed today.

Well better get back to it. I am having oatmeal for breakfast with some applesauce in it, probably a ham sandwich for lunch and definitely chicken and noodles for dinner.

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 01-16-2017, 08:34 AM
futureteacher's Avatar
Nine Year Member
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Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 3,293
I always enjoy reading your posts, especially learning more about the growing season in Florida. Florida is on my radar as a place to move when I retire…one of quite a few, but I definitely don’t see myself staying somewhere with snow. The added nutrition of the figs is a great idea, especially when they are free to you!

I am floored at the high prices of meat these days! The meatless meals are a great way to get some extra savings into the budget, that’s for sure. I love eggs for protein—we try to have them for about one supper a week. The added bonus is how quick they are to prepare. We also often do one salad as a meal, often adding egg or nuts for protein.

I have noticed that too with the printable coupons often seeming to be a higher value.

Oh, turkey pot pie sounds delicious! I haven’t had that in ages! And Paul’s dad is doing okay. He won’t ever be the same as he was before the fall—he will likely always need the assistance of a walker to walk any distance—but cognitively he seems to be doing MUCH better, and that is a huge blessing. Thank you very much for asking. And thanks for the congrats on the promotion!

I have never used the online ordering service, but I have friends who have, and they love it. Aldi’s doesn’t offer it, and we do the bulk of our shopping there, and any other store we would want to pick anything up from is on the way home, so it’s easy to do at the moment. It’s nice to know the service is an option if we ever choose to use it.

Frugal here…planning our meals for the week. Groceries were a little pricier this week, but it seemed we were in need of buying quite a bit more this go around. We had very light shops the last few weeks though, so it made sense, and it still wasn’t terrible. We enjoyed our night out on Friday and didn’t spend much over our GC. We stayed the rest of the weekend, other than going out to buy groceries on Sunday. We had thought about going to a free event on Saturday, but Paul was waiting to here from a customer who was coming in from out of town. They didn’t make it in until nearly 5, and then he had to meet them at the shop. By then we were ready to be in for the day.

Guess that’s about all for now. Have a great day, everyone!
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Old 01-16-2017, 03:19 PM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054
Good evening all!!

Chris, glad to hear the frugal bandwagon is where you and Paul are. If you used the envelope system, it would be easy to spend on the bargains when they come along and the light shops would provide that money. If I have money left in the grocery envelope, it rolls over for the next week.

I was able to do some more decluttering today. I took all 5 paper boxes (10 ream boxes from Staples), sort the stuff inside, pack it all into one tote, break down those paper boxes, and get 2 sweater boxes and 3 other smaller, unopened cardboard boxes with stuff from QVC on top of tote and out of the living room. I put the rest of the stuff that I didn't save, into a box and set it out by the curb. Before dark, it was gone - box and all. Not only did those boxes in the closet come out, but I had also put stuff into another box, and had it at the back of the bedroom - it is now sorted and what I was keeping went into the same tote. I also have a small bag with some soap that I wont' use, and a few glade plug-in kits (plug in housing with a fragrance oil dispenser) that will go to church along with the food that Sally sent me home with for the Free Store. I had youtube homestead videos playing the whole time. I feel pretty good about that.

I also paid bills. One of my credit card companies sent a letter Saturday stating they have now cut my credit from $4,000 to $1,000. So while I am bummed, mainly because of my pride in my credit score in the past, I totally understand. Elwood's house and foreclosure is really doing a job on my credit. I do so want to sell the house, pay off the bills and escape.

Had a soup mug of the chicken and noodles for dinner. Need to go do the dishes.

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 01-16-2017, 06:48 PM
AnnaInOhio's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Ohio
Posts: 16,238
Just popping in to say hi before I head off to bed. I got my car back today after having it in for repairs for 2 weeks praying no more hit skips. It cost close to $2000 between repairs and car rental.. Oh my 2 weeks car rental was over $330 alone.

We haven't been overly frugal this week forgot some essential items to go with the meal plan and no time to go to the store but I'm off tomorrow so will pick up the additives and get back on home made meals. I work 9 to 5, went and got my car, didn't get home till after 6pm so McDonalds for dinner Ugh.

We hired 2 new girls in the past month so we're now fully staffed and gearing up for Valentines Day then right behind that Easter.

I see a lot of you on FB but wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone else.

Meadow glad to see you back and Ellen glad that you are still stopping in.

I have still been working on decluttering and donating to charity or my curb, it all goes quickly. Still have tons more to do still have our tree up.. I can't get it seperated and dh is not motivated to do it for me yet.. maybe in the morning before he leaves I can get him to finally get it apart for me. The ornaments are off and the garlic so just a naked tree.

Charlotte.. Congrats on the new grandson.

My daughter and I still aren't talking its been a year but my oldest grandson who will be 18 in a couple weeks is in contact with me.

My brother who I have not been able to find for 20 years his fiance found me through FB and we are back in touch.. we are supposed to go down in March for his wedding reception, they are getting married in Ky. and having a small reception in Jackson, Ohio where they live.

Take care my friends.. know that although I don't pop in as often you are never far from my thoughts.

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Old 01-17-2017, 02:28 AM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054
Good morning all!

Just popping in for a second.

Bible Study after work today.

No major weather events in my area today. Just a little rain expected.

Oatmeal for breakfast, chicken and noodles for lunch and a pb sandwich to be eaten on the way to Bible Study for dinner.

Had the heat on this morning for less than an hour and won't turn it on until I get home from Bible Study tonight.

Will send those hats for vets out today.

Just another boring day here.

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 01-17-2017, 08:54 PM
Sueanne's Avatar
Nine Year Member
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: florida
Posts: 7,300

Norma, Enjoy talking to a fellow gardener.
I used the same method each year in NJ when starting my garden every spring.
Mowing the yard and mulching the leaves using the basket in the back was able to enrich the soil after roto tilling in the fall & spring. Was able to use a shovel to make the rows. The weather in Florida is beautiful all year long for gardening. Should be planting my spaghetti squash seeds to get them started.
Always save the seeds before cooking. I do share them since their are so much inside when you cut them open. Have to start planting the turmeric roots to get them started for spring.
My two Papaya trees survived the cold front covered up have plenty of papaya's on the tree and the ones I cut off before covering are ripening in the garage. Been eating them in cooking and the ripe ones in smoothies.

Still leaving the moringa trees & Guava tree with grape vine covered since
the squirrels smell the tiny fruit forming. I have been eating the moringa leaves dried until my trees starting sprouting longer branches again. It does give me more energy to accomplish what I need to do each day.

Attached Images
"The only reason why people hold on to memories is because memories are the only things that don't change when everything else does."

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Old 01-18-2017, 02:50 AM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054
Good morning all!!

Sueanne, those papaya are huge, and very plentiful.

I have a spaghetti squash to eat sometime this week (or weekend). They are so good. Helps me have a meatless meal, as they are so filling (1/2 with sauce and some cheese), that I really don't need meatballs, or sausage with them. And here, they go into a "cold storage" to keep them fresher, but the seeds are still good to plant.

I also like to save watermelon and cantaloupe seeds to replant, and not pay for a packet.

Not a lot happening here. Hoping for another quiet day here.

Take care all!! Norma
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Old 01-18-2017, 03:08 AM
meadow's Avatar
Six Year Member
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Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: North Adamsa MA.
Posts: 518
As i got very lucky myself got a few easter molds for 2.00,as a girl was getting rid of things she's moving away so there was a that had molds in them easter ones she let me have them for 2.00,there is 7 molds some candies and 3 that are cakes.She and i talked and she gave me most of her christmas molds for 1.00,it was a great day for me,also she gave me 3 bags of sticks to use for pops,like cake pops and candy.
Warm Heart,Happy Person, All Is Well!
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Old 01-19-2017, 01:21 PM
cau's Avatar
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Been doing a lot of stocking up on meats so far this year. We got 24 lbs of grd chuck at $1.99 lb, turkey breast ay $.99 lb, pork loin at $1..49 & sirloin tip roast for $2.99. Freezer is full again. Otherwise a string of bad luck, had to have the plumber out at $250., electrician at $1.15 & just broke a tooth off my partial. I sure hope the rest of the year goes better!
A Great Attitude Becomes a Great Mood, Which becomes a Great Day , Which Becomes a Great Year, Which Becomes A Great LIFE

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Old 01-20-2017, 02:57 AM
crochet2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Egg Harbor City, NJ
Posts: 10,054
Good morning all!!

Colleen, how terrible on all those expenses. And I know none of them were planned for - that's how it goes. Hope everything goes well with the dentist.

But you are right - you are really stocking up on the meat. Having choices makes you feel more "well off" than you really might be.

Meadow, way to go on getting all the molds, especially if you will be using them. I would get them with the idea that I would be learning how to make candy or soaps, and then putting them on a shelf, never to be thought of again.

My quiet week was shattered last night when I came home to a notice attached to my front door - text this guy to meet to accept legal papers. I guess there is no more hiding from the mortgage guys. Not that I was, I just refused to answer the phone, after being threatened last summer. And they certainly had my physical address from the day we started the mortgage process on Elwood's house.

But again, not knowing this person, I am not going to text. I will call from work. If he convinces me he really has legal paperwork for me, I will meet him at the police station.

So, as you can imagine, I didn't sleep well last night at all.

Better go for now. Almost time to go to work.

Take care all!! Norma
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